3 Inches of Blood

3 Inches of Blood is a Metal band from Vancouver, British Columbia ( Canada). The band was founded in 2000.

Musically speaking, it is difficult to attribute this band in any one of many metal subgenres, because the influences in Death Metal (especially the growling in the vocals), True Metal and classic Heavy Metal lie.

A special feature of the band is the vocals. Jamie Hooper sings with high growls, Cam Pipes sings typical falsetto, such as Rob Halford of Judas Priest Heavy Metal.

Lyrically, the songs act of epic battles, bloodthirsty orcs, etc., express the partially socially critical issues, such as the song can be interpreted " Dominion of Deceit " ( to German domination of fraud ).

3 Inches of Blood have also provided the soundtracks of video games Tony Hawk's Underground 2, Saints Row 2, and Brütal Legend available to her song " Deadly Sinners ". For the latter, they also featured the song " Destroy The Orcs " is available.

On 27 September 2009 the ex - bassist Brian Redman died in a scooter accident. He was only 31 years old.



  • 2002: Battle Cry Under a Winter Sun
  • 2004: Advance and Vanquish
  • 2007: Fire Up the Blades
  • 2009: Here Waits Thy Doom
  • 2012: Long Live Heavy Metal


  • 2001: Three Inches of Blood EP
  • 2011: Anthems for the Victorious EP
  • 2012: Split 7'' with Apatrida


  • 2003: Destroy the Orcs
  • 2003: Ride Darkhorse Ride