39M Csaba

The 39M Csaba was a Hungarian scout car during the Second World War, which was based on various British designs.


It was designed by the Hungarian engineer Nicholas 39M Csaba Straussler, who was a British citizen since 1933 and in the interwar period has designed vehicles for the company Alvis Cars and Vickers - Armstrong. Was made ​​of the 39M Csaba in the Hungarian factory Manfréd Weiss in Budapest.


After the first tests in 1939, the Hungarian army ordered 61 vehicles. Another 40 vehicles were ordered in 1940. Of these vehicles, 20 were used as fighting vehicles, while the other served as reconnaissance vehicles. Production was suspended due to lack of production capacity in Hungary and should be resumed later


As a drive manufactured in the German Cologne 8- cylinder engine was used, which provided 90 hp. For the 39M Csaba was able to achieve a road speed of up to 65 km / h, which was regarded at the time as progressive.


Another version of the 39M Csaba was the 40M Csaba, which was used as a command vehicle. This had only a MG as armament and had also installed an R -4T radio.