Alvis Car and Engineering Company

Brand cars produced by the company Alvis Alvis Car and Engineering Company Ltd of Coventry, England from 1919 to 1967. The company also produced aero-engines and military vehicles, the latter even after the car production had ceased.


The original company, TG John and Co. Ltd.. , Was founded in 1919. The first products were stationary engines, carburettor body and bumper cars. Geoffrey de Freville proposed the founder T. G. John, to construct a four-cylinder engine.

The first car model, the 10/30, used de Frevilles construction and was an immediate success. Since then, the company logo was used ( an inverted red triangle with the word Alvis ). 1921, the company changed its name to " Alvis Car and Engineering Company Ltd. " And moved to the Holyhead Road in Coventry.

1923 met Captain George Thomas Smith -Clarke as chief engineer and a short time later, W. M. Dunn as chief designer added. This partnership held for 25 years.

The original 10/30-Motor with side valves was developed further until 1923 for OHV 12/50, which is a successful vintage race cars around 90 years later. Approximately 350 12/50 hp and 60 12/60 hp still exist today. This corresponds to approximately 10% of that production.

1927 Sechszylinder-14/75-hp-Alvis was produced. This engine was the basis of a long line of six-cylinder Alvis cars that were built until 1939 before to 1967, replaced an entirely new form of 1950.

1965 Alvis was taken over by Rover. The new owner had no interest in a continuation of the brand and let the production run. While it was still jointly developed the Rover Alvis P6 -BS, a compact sports car with Rovers own V8 engine; to a production it was however no more. In addition, there was the idea to produce the Lagonda Rapide under the name Alvis; Also, it was not pursued further.

1981 Alvis was acquired by United Scientific Holdings plc in 1992 changed the name to Alvis plc. In October 2002, the Alvis plc acquired the subsidiary Vickers Defence Systems from Rolls- Royce and formed with it the Alvis Vickers. In 2004, BAE Systems this company. BAE Systems has since held the naming rights to Alvis.


Models 1920-1940

Models 1945-1967

Military Vehicles

Aircraft engines

In August 1935, the decision to purchase a production license for the Gnôme et Rhone 14K fell. Alvis constructed on this basis a number of engines with 14 and 18 cylinders as a double radial engines with names like Alcides, Maeonides and Pelides. These motors remained largely unsuccessful. Only a self-construction of Cpt. George Thomas Smith - Clarke, Leonides, was a commercial success. End of the 1950s, a new design with very small cylinder content was accelerated, but not developed to an end.

  • Alvis Alcides
  • Alvis Leonides
  • Alvis Leonides Major
  • Alvis Maeonides
  • Alvis Pelides
  • Alvis Pelides Major