Ariel (vehicle)

Ariel Motors Ltd.. was a British manufacturer of bicycles, motorcycles and cars, based in Birmingham. Today, the brand name is used by the Ariel Ltd..


The company was founded in 1847. One first introduced pneumatic tires for carriages ago. In 1870 there were prepared a particularly lightweight unicycle and gave him the name Ariel. 1885 began with the production of low- wheels.

1896, the first motorized tricycle with a 2.25 - horsepower motor from De Dion -Bouton was made in 1901 were added to four-wheel vehicles. 1902 bought the Components Ltd.. by Charles Sangster the company and began the manufacture of motorcycles. 1932, the company went bankrupt, but Charles Sangster's son, Jack Sangster, bought the bankrupt's estate and continued the production of motorcycles. Bicycles were henceforth no longer manufactured.

The motor vehicle production ended in 1915 and was first recorded 1922-1925 again briefly.

The motorcycles were initially fitted with engines of White and Poppe, the one produced under license from 1904 itself. 1914 was the production program of a 348 cc two-stroke motorcycle and machine with side control 498 and 670 cc.

1925 Val Page has been set, the designed a new engine. At this time, Edward Turner came as another designer and Vic Mole as a sales manager for Ariel. With the launch of the Red Hunter series, the company began to prosper. In November 1930 was presented with a four-cylinder four -stroke motorcycle, the " Square Four ", one of the most extraordinary motorcycles this time. The first motorcycle with 500 cc has two crankshafts; the cylinders are arranged in a square.

Ariel Model VB

The model VB came with the old side-valve 598- cc single-cylinder engine. With 86 mm bore and 126 mm stroke of the engine was designed to be very long stroke. He made 13 KW/18 PP at 4400 rpm. Thus, a top speed of 105 km / h was possible. The unsprung rear axle in conjunction with the telescopic fork really did not fit in time with the outdated side-valve engine, since 1933 there were already parallel to the 500 VH engines with OHV control. Nevertheless, this engine was built in the VB from 1933 to the end of 1958 to the company. In this type, the design BA was " gearbox" installed. Common in these English classics is the right scale gear shift, on top of that has the first gear to the top. Today, the side-valve VBs are almost completely extinct, with sprung rear swingarm and OHV engine are NH and VH still everywhere to be found. The larger fan base can now be found at the square four - four cylinders, which gave the brand your premium character. The opposite model is largely original with the exception of the tail light, in the execution of the muffler there are also fishtail designs. The only 20 mm wide drum brakes have front and rear thanks to its diameter sufficient function. Single engines were offered with 350 cc OHV in the models and NH Red Hunter. 500 cc OHV gave it as VH VHA, VCH and Red Hunter. 600 cc SV exclusively as VB model. The parts supply seems only to exist in the United Kingdom, as a reliable source applies from Bungay, in the east of the island between Ipswich and Norwich. Documentation exist almost exclusively in English. The following model years are communicated: NH 350cc ohv singles 1933-58 VH 500cc o.h.v. singles 1933-58 VB side valve singles 1933-58 KH 500 twins, Field Master 1948-57 FH 650 twins, Hunt Master 1954-58 All singles 1933-58 4F OHC SQ 1931-36 4 4G Iron engine 1000cc 4 SQ 1937-48 MK I Alloy engine 2 pipe SQ SQ 1949-51 4 4 All ohv SQ 4 1937-58 RG

1936 Jack Sangster's could take over the Triumph -Werke, where Turner was Managing Director. 1951 Sangster sold both companies to BSA, where he was director.

1959, the entire range of models has been replaced. They only produced two-stroke motorcycles, which were based on developments of eagles. However, towards the Japanese motorcycles these models could not exist in the long run. Production ceased in 1967. In 1970, one in front of a three-wheeled scooter with Laura two-stroke engine, a Kurvenneiger, which, however, proved unsuccessful.

Ariel veterans

Among the oldest roadworthy motorcycles to find more Ariel. At any point, for example, Ariel Motorcycles a rendezvous with the London Brighton Run, the oldest continuously held race in the world in which only motor vehicles are registered, which are detectable over a hundred years old.

Motorcycle Models

  • Ariel Square Four
  • Ariel Red Hunter
  • Ariel VB
  • Models A-G
  • Ariel Arrow
  • Ariel Leader
  • Ariel Fieldmaster
  • Ariel Pixie
  • Ariel VCH
  • Ariel Huntmaster
  • Ariel WNG 350
  • Ariel HT3
  • Ariel HT5
  • Ariel HS
  • Ariel Badger

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