Coventry -Victor was a British manufacturer of automobiles.

Company History

The company Coventry Victor Motor Co Limited of Coventry put down 1920 built-in motors for other car manufacturers such as Amazon Cars, Edmond, GB, Gibbons & Mear and Jeecy - Vea ago. 1926 began the production of his own cars. 1938 production ended.

Rolling stock

There have been exclusively tricycles, in which the individual wheel was in the rear. It motors own production were used predominantly two-cylinder engines. Initially, there was a basic version with 688 cc displacement and a sports version with 749 cc displacement. From 1932 was the basic version Midget and the sports version Luxury Sports. From 1937 there were luxury versions with larger engines, which had either 850 cc, 950 cc or 1000 cc capacity.

A car of this brand is on display in Arvika Arvika Fordonsmuseum.