New Hudson (company)

The New Hudson Cycle Co. Ltd.. was a British bicycle, motorcycle and automobile manufacturer in Birmingham.


From 1903 until the 1930s, the company terminated motorbikes ago. Then you made ​​Girling brakes. In 1943, the business was sold to Lucas Girling and the company returned to the construction of small motorcycles and automobiles. This business is operational until 1956. Approximately 24,000 vehicles were manufactured at this time.

1912 New Hudson also brought a small car out. The Cyclecar New Hudson 4 ½ hp air-cooled single-cylinder engine had a 0.75- liter displacement and was built until 1915. From 1919 there was a three-wheeled version with a single rear wheel. First, a V-2 engine made ​​with 1250 cc capacity for the drive, starting in 1922, a smaller V-2 engine of MAG.

1929, the Company acquired the patent of the Girling brake by the inventor Albert Girling to build brakes for Ford, Austin, Rover and Riley.

1943 New Hudson (including the Girling patents ) from the Joseph Lucas Ltd.. taken over and merged with Bendix brakes that Lucas had bought in 1931, and Luvax shock absorbers. The new subsidiary called Girling Ltd. ..