Invicta Car

The Invicta Car Company is a British carmaker. The mark consists intermittently since 1925 and is now used for the Invicta S1 sportscar.


1925, the company was founded by Noel Macklin in Cobham ( Surrey ). First, Henry Meadows constructed a car with a 2.5 liter engine that was offered in different chassis lengths. 1926, the engine power was increased with a 3- liter engine, the more a 1928 4.5 -liter engine. 1930 was followed by the S-Type with the same 4.5 - liter engine. This car was also offered in a sports car version (low chassis ) and reached 100 miles per hour. 1931 Donald Healey won with a car of this type, the Monte Carlo Rally.

In 1937 the production was stopped.

1947, the brand with a model of the Black Prince was revived, but only 16 copies were produced, including three prototypes that emerged in Charlesworth.

Today, the Invicta S1 is produced in Chippenham.