Streamline Cars

Burney was a British car brand that from 1927 to 1936 by the Streamline Cars Ltd.. was manufactured in Maidenhead (Berkshire ). The company was founded by Sir Dennistoun Burney and manufactured exclusively streamlined vehicles with engines from various manufacturers. A prototype was developed on the basis of an inverted Alvis front wheel drive chassis.


Had the eight-cylinder in-line engine with two overhead camshafts a displacement of 3.0 liters, was built in the rear ( see photo) and came from Beverley - Barnes. As was customary in the aviation industry, all electrical cables were laid as flexible lines in copper tubes.

The car was fitted with fully hydraulic brakes and a heater. In addition to the engine, two radiators were housed.

Chassis and Body

The chassis of the four-door sedan had a wheelbase of 3,785 mm. The interior with 7 seats was completely housed between the two axles and the engine was behind the rear axle. The spare wheel was mounted on a rear door inside; on the opposite door was either a second spare wheel or a bar

Were typical of the short front overhang and long rear overhang, which took up the engine. To reduce the air resistance and the bottom of the frame was covered with sheet metal. Placed particular emphasis on the designers a great internal height.

Sales and whereabouts

The sale price was GBP 1.500, - only GBP 350, - less than a big Rolls- Royce. End of 1930 bought the Prince of Wales, the fifth copy; the ninth and final copy went early 1932 as an exhibit to the Detroit Car Show. None of the nine car has survived to this day.

Driving behavior

The car ran very quiet and pleasant. However slipped from about 122 km / h top speed near the date stated, the clutch, giving the high weight (1930 kg) was probably due. The high engine weight behind the rear axle made ​​for a dangerous unstable handling in rain and wind. The turning circle was 11.887 m.

Six and Eight (1932-1934)

1932 published two new models, as the Beverley - Barnes engine had proven to be unreliable. The Six had an overhead- line six-cylinder engine with 3.2 l displacement of Lycoming and a wheelbase of 3,708 mm, the Eight a side-valve eight-cylinder in-line engine of Armstrong Siddeley with 4.4 l capacity and a wheelbase of 4,089 mm.

The end

When in 1934 the production was discontinued, were only twelve " series vehicles " arose, of nine of 22/80 hp. 1936 joined the company finally its doors.

The ideas of Burney came for other vehicles to use, eg the current line of vehicle Crossley. In the factory halls of the Streamline Cars Ltd.. were later Marendaz and G.W.K. made.