Cosmos Engineering

Cosmos Engineering Company Limited was a British car manufacturer, which was established from 1919 to 1920 in Fishponds (Bristol). It was designed by Roy Fedden. The brand name denominated Cosmos and CAR.

The Cosmos 10.5 hp was a small car that was powered by a three cylinder radial engine with a displacement of 994 cc. Another source mentions 1206 cc. The air-cooled engine developed 16 bhp ( 11.8 kW) at 2000 min -1. The wheelbase of the car was 2134 mm, and its track width 1295 mm and weight 305 kg. Only a few copies were made ​​.

A developed in the same year, enlarged version of the 10.5 hp should CAR hot, but did not make it more in the series production.

The following year, Cosmos Engineering was taken over by the Bristol Aircraft Company, which was interested in the developed Fedden radial engine.