Cambro was a British car brand. Manufacturer was the Central Aircraft Company Ltd.. from Northolt ( Middlesex ). Construction period, from 1920 until 1921.

The only model was a very simple, three-wheeled, British Cyclecar with only one seat, the car is mentioned in various films, such as in The Little did Cambro could, the story of an awakened to life Cambro, who set up his own life in America.

The car was from the newspaper publisher Frederick J. Camm and GA Broomfield - designed and was powered by an air-cooled flat-twin two-stroke engine of Johnson with 192 cc displacement, the force of which was forwarded to the single rear wheel by a chain - hence the name Cambro. This engine is usually installed in outboard motors and mopeds. There was no reverse gear, but a free-wheeling easier maneuvering by hand. The weight was only 75 kg.

The Cambro cost £ 83 The number of copies produced is not known.