Crouch Cars

Crouch was a British manufacturer of automobiles.

Company History

The company Crouch Cars Limited of Coventry began in 1912 with the production of automobiles. 1928 production ended.

Rolling stock

The first model was called Carette. It was a tricycle, in which the individual wheel was back. The two-cylinder engine with 904 cc displacement initially was replaced in 1914 by an engine with 1018 cc capacity, which made ​​10 hp. Between 1914 and 1921 there was the Model 4 - Wheeler with four wheels, the two-cylinder engine from Coventry Climax with 1115 cc capacity was installed in the center of the vehicle. 1922 was followed by the 8/18 HP with front engine and 1248 cc capacity, which was offered until 1923. Only in 1924 there was the 10 HP, whose four-cylinder engine with 1197 cm ³ capacity came from Anzani. From 1923 there was the four-cylinder Model 12 HP with 1496 cc and 30 hp, and in 1926 the smaller four-cylinder model 11/27 HP 1368 cc.

A vehicle of this make is to visit Transport Museum in Coventry in Coventry.