Velocette was a famous and successful racing - British motorcycle brand. The bikes were of the Veloce Ltd.. made based in Birmingham. The company was a long time in the suburb of Hall Green in York Road.


Root of the company was founded in 1901, Taylor, Gue Ltd.. based in London. Taylor, Gue drove motorcycles of Ormonde and the Belgian Kelecom Comp. 1904 Veloce motorcycles were first offered, which were probably already made ​​by John Goodman. Goodman was of German descent and was originally named John Gütgemann. Goodmans company called Six Ways, but then changed its name soon as Veloce Ltd.. He drove its products under the name VMC soon made ​​itself one single-cylinder models with 206 cc in both two-and four-stroke in design. After the death of John Goodman's his sons Percy and Eugène took over the plant, a subsidiary took over the finance department, while her husband George Denley took over the sales. The development was taken over by the racing driver Harold Willis, Bob Burgess took over the management of the Service Department.

Velocette was initially specialized in two-stroke engines with displacements of up to 250 cc, then there were four-stroke single cylinder with up to 500 cc. Also, two-cylinder motorcycles Boxer engine with 200 cc, the Velocette LE, have long been established. Very well known and sought after today are the late 500s sport models such as the Velocette Venom " Thruxton ".

1971, the company closed.

Motorcycle Racing

World Motorcycle Championship

  • World champion in the 350 cc class: 1949
  • World champion in the 350 cc class: 1950

Motorcycle Championship

In the motorcycle manufacturers reach the European Championship five drivers' titles.

  • European champion in the 350 cc sidecar class: 1929
  • European champion in the 350 cc class: 1935
  • European champion in the 350 cc class: 1938
  • European champion in the 350 cc class: 1947
  • European champion in the 350 cc class: 1948


1904, the company hired her some three-wheeled automobiles. As motors built-in motors from other manufacturers were used. The brand name denominated Gue and Taylor.

1908, the company announced again to the production of automobiles. The brand name was now Veloce. In the models offer 18/24 HP and 24/26 HP stood. Self- developed four- cylinder engines were mounted at the front vehicle and drove through a propeller shaft to the rear axle. Striking were the high ground clearance and a large cooler. From both models together was only a copy, either from the smaller or the larger model.