Lanchester Motor Company

The Lanchester Motor Company was a British automobile manufacturer based in Birmingham. Under the name of cars were produced from 1895 to 1956. The naming rights are now at Tata Motors.


Frederick W. Lanchester built in 1895 probably the first car that had been developed only in UK. 1899, the Lanchester Engine Company Ltd. was founded by brothers Frederick, George and Frank. This company went into bankruptcy in 1904 and was re-established as Lanchester Motor Company in the same year. In 1912 the company's first British production car with electric lighting ago. On the basis of the Lanchester 38 and an armored car, the Lanchester 4x2 was produced, which was used in the First World War. In 1927 she received a contract for the construction of another armored car, later Lanchester 6x4.

The BSA took over the company in 1931. Lanchester was part of the members of the BSA brand Daimler. The last model under the name Lanchester ran until 1956. Daimler was acquired in 1960 with the trademark rights to Lanchester Jaguar. This naming rights went through the purchase of Jaguar in 1989 by the Ford Motor Company about this and finally in 2008 to Tata Motors.