MG Motor

52.388519444444 - 1.9916277777778Koordinaten: 52 ° 23 ' 18.67 " N, 1 ° 59' 29.86 " W The MG Motor UK Ltd.. is an automobile manufacturer in the Longbridge area of ​​the city Birmingham in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The brand name is MG, as the successor of the British car brand MG.


The company was founded on 12 April 2006 as a successor of MG Cars Ltd.. founded and is currently a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation. Until the spring of 2009 in the English settlement was known as NAC MG UK Ltd. known and belonged to the Nanjing Automobile Group, which has since been acquired by SAIC. Around 200 employees currently work in the assembly plant.

The work took the company in August 2008 with the final assembly of the MG TF LE500. In September 2010, finally came as the second model of the MG 6 added in body shape hatchback. Currently, among others, the MG 3 as well as the second generation of the MG 5 is talking, which could be also mounted here for the European market.


Model Overview

MG 6 Hatchback since 09 /2010

MG 3 Assembly in discussion