SAIC Motor


  • Chen Xianglin (Chairman)
  • Hu Maoyuan (President)

The Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC ) is according to the state in 2010, the largest group of Chinese manufacturers of cars, motorcycles and auto parts.

It is already a partner of General Motors and Volkswagen in China. She took over the end of 2004 48.9 % of the Korean automobile manufacturer SsangYong Motor Company. This was part of the current expansion policy of the company, which is increasingly trying to reach international markets. Also in late 2004, it showed interest in the ailing MG Rover Group, said negotiations in the spring of 2005 failed. Regardless, SAIC acquired licenses of the now expired, Models Rover 75 and Rover 25 for production in China, which were modified slightly marked with the name Roewe since October 2006. Following the acquisition of Nanjing Automobile Group a year later includes the MG brand to SAIC.

SAIC had 2007 sales of 11.41 billion euros and produced 2.247 million vehicles. The Group employs around 60,000 people and has the goal set until 2010 to be among the world's six largest automakers.

Current Chairman of the company is Chen Xianglin, President Hu Maoyuan.

Subsidiaries, joint ventures and investments

Among the subsidiaries of SAIC include:

  • Shanghai Sunwin Bus Corporation ( SUNWIN ): A joint venture of SAIC and Volvo. There are manufactured buses.
  • Shanghai Xingfu Motorcycle manufactures motorcycles.
  • Shanghai Tractor & Internal Combustion Engine Corporation
  • Shanghai Volkswagen is the built in plants in Shanghai cooperation with Volkswagen. Here it is, inter alia, VW Santana produced for the Chinese market.
  • Shanghai General Motors is the joint venture of SAIC and General Motors.
  • Yanfeng Visteon is the joint venture of SAIC and original Ford and in 2002 the Ford subsidiary Visteon
  • SAIC -GM- Wuling ( SGMW ) is a joint venture of SAIC ( 50.1 %), General Motors ( 44%) and Liuzhou Wuling Motors ( 5.9%), which utility vehicles and minivans under the Wuling brand (car brand ) and car manufactures under the brand Baojun.
  • SA- Yizheng Automotive
  • SsangYong Motor Company ( Since the end of 2004, SAIC holds 48.9 %)
  • Etsong Automobile Manufacturing Company; produces vehicles under the brand name Etsong and Yema (since 2005 owned by SAIC)
  • MG (car brand ) by forced merger in 2007 with Nanjing Automobile Group Come to SAIC former British Leyland Motor Corporation brand
  • Roewe, Rover surrogate with ingredients from the bankruptcy of Rover
  • Nanjing Automobile Group ( since 2007 )