Jiangling Motors

Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd.. ( JMC, Chinese江陵 汽车 股份有限公司/江铃 汽车 股份有限公司, Pinyin jiānglíng Qiche gǔfènyǒuxiàngōngsī ) is an automobile manufacturer from China.

With the Jiangling Landwind SUV manufacturers from 2005 offered for the first time on a vehicle in Europe that due to very poor crash test results, however, resulted in very low sales figures. Meanwhile Landwind is a proprietary trademark of Jiangling, arising under the other models, which are also offered in different European markets.

The proceeds of Jiangling Motors Group have amounted in 2010 to 27 billion yuan.

For the development of the company Jiangling Motors Group invests in the period 2011-2014 in the Xiao Lan Economic Development Zone in Nanchang in China's Jiangxi Province five billion yuan in total of eleven projects.


Under the brand JMC / Jiangling Motor Cars

  • JMC Baodian (Pickup)
  • JMC Baowei ( SUV based on the older Isuzu Rodeo )
  • JMC Qingka ( license built three different Isuzu trucks )
  • JMC Transit ( minibus, Ford and JMC developed together )
  • JMC Light Truck ( small truck )
  • JMC Yunba ( Van similarity with the Toyota Hiace )

Under the brand Landwind

  • Landwind Forward ( small car with a notchback )
  • Landwind X6/GS6/Fitch ( four-door sport utility vehicle; identical to the Isuzu Rodeo )
  • Landwind X9 ( two-door sport utility vehicle; identical to the Isuzu Rodeo Sport)
  • Landwind GS6 (Sport Utility Vehicle for the U.S. market and the Middle East )
  • Landwind CV9 ( Van, sometimes also called Landwind fashion )