Shanghai Volkswagen

The Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd.. (abbreviated SVW, Chinese上海 大众 汽车) is a company based in Anting, Shanghai Automobile Manufacturers, which was initially established in 1984 as an independent company by the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation. In 1988, the company developed then an official joint venture with the two companies Volkswagen AG and Volkswagen ( China) Investment Co., Ltd.. The company annually produces about 810,000 vehicles of the Volkswagen and Skoda.

Enterprise development and model development

The production of the company began in 1984 with the Volkswagen Santana, who was first imported as a CKD kit assembly. Available was the model both as a sedan as well as in the popular station wagon variant. The production began about a year after the introduction of the model in the Chinese market. With more than 100,000 units produced and several facelifts the Santana has become one of the most popular car models in the People's Republic of China and is still in production. Only in 1996 Volkswagen tried the first step to replace the outdated model with the Volkswagen Passat. However, due to the lower price and a much more vibrant special equipment could not be the Passat and remained as a parallel model on offer.

In the new millennium, the Volkswagen Polo should then bring a longed- turn and increase sales, especially in urban areas, which have big traffic problems. However, due to its expensive price for Chinese flopped this first. The facelift version, however, brought the desired success, which was mainly due to the new sports models like the CrossPolo and Polo Sporty. These displaced last but not least the hitherto popular Volkswagen Gol. In 2004, then, the Volkswagen Group established its Czech brand with the Škoda Superb first time in the Chinese market. As a sister model to the well -established Škoda Octavia finally gave in the following year the Volkswagen Passat Lingyu, which is to gain the upper class as potential customers. But the Volkswagen Touran in China since very successful. Less popular is the small cars Škoda Fabia, which is more of a competitor to the Mini. Also reserved for the Chinese market are the two notchback models Volkswagen Lavida and Volkswagen Passat, which will close the gap between products made with the FAW -Volkswagen models Volkswagen Jetta and Volkswagen Sagitar. So far, the only VW SUV from China is the Volkswagen Tiguan, which is produced here in a long version. Another innovation for China is the new generation of the Polo, the Sporty variant is exchanged for the year. The notchback Jingqu should follow in the summer of next year.

Formation of a new company area for the Elektroautobau with its own brand

The electric car models, which intends to produce in the future as part of its activities Shanghai Volkswagen will appear under its own brand called Tantos. The Volkswagen Lavida blue-e -motion is to be one of the first models that will appear under the new brand name. The new brand name is approved by the Chinese government.

Model Overview


  • Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation: 50 %
  • Volkswagen AG: 40 %
  • Volkswagen ( China) Investment Co., Ltd.: . 10%

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