Jiading District

Jiading (嘉定 区Jiading Qū ) is a municipality of the centrally-administered city of Shanghai in the People's Republic of China. Jiading has an area of ​​464.2 km ² and around 537,900 inhabitants ( end of 2007). The population density is 1,115 inhabitants per square kilometer.

In Jiading there is since 1992 a special industrial zone zuarbeitet also developing the new Shanghai district of Pudong. Also located in this district, the Shanghai International Circuit, where since 2004 the Chinese Grand Prix will take place. A large village Anting (安亭 镇), one of the automotive centers in China, also is in the municipality. Nearby Antings is also home to the Jiading Campus of Tongji University, on which mainly are the technical and engineering- oriented institutes of the University.

Except for one of the few preserved Temple of Confucius, there is little of interest. The temple is now the Capitol District Museum.

Administrative Divisions

At the community level, Jiading sets of three road districts, seven large municipalities, a new residential area and an industrial area together. These are:

  • Road district Xinchenglu (新 成 路 街道), the seat of government of the municipality;
  • Road district Jiadingzhen (嘉定 镇 街道);
  • Road district Zhenxin (真 新 街道);
  • Greater community Anting (安亭 镇);
  • Greater community Huating (华亭 镇);
  • Greater community Jiangqiao (江桥镇);
  • Greater community Malu (马 陆 镇);
  • Greater community Nanxiang (南翔 镇);
  • Greater community Waigang (外 冈 镇);
  • Greater community Xuhang (徐 行 镇);
  • Development area Juyuan (菊园 新区);
  • Jiading Industrial Zone (嘉定 工业 区) is directly managed by the city.