Songjiang District

Song Jiang (Chinese松江 区, pinyin Sōngjiāng Qū ) is a municipality in the Chinese -administered city of Shanghai. He has 506 795 inhabitants (2003 ) on an area of ​​604.71 square kilometers. The population density is 838 inhabitants per square kilometer.

Song Jiang is a rural municipality in the southwest of Shanghai, which is drained by the Huangpu River and through which the railway line leads to Hangzhou.

1997 Songjiang has been transformed from a county in today's urban district.

Since 2001, many universities will be moved from the center of Shanghai to Sonjiang, as a part of the Shanghai Foreign Studies University.

For Expo 2010 here Botanical Garden Chenshan was opened.

Administrative Divisions

At the community level, Songjiang is composed of four road districts and eleven large communities. These are: