Fengxian District

Fengxian (奉贤 区Fengxian Qū ) is a municipality of China's centrally-administered city of Shanghai. He has 508 721 inhabitants (2003 ) on an area of ​​687.39 square kilometers. The population density is 740 inhabitants per square kilometer.

Fengxian is one of the two southernmost districts of Shanghai. It is adjacent to the sea and the bay of Hangzhou.

2001 Fengxian, originally a circle, has been transformed into a large urban district.

In the large village Nanqiao is the Guhua Park with the " Sannü Temple " ( Three Women stamp), reminiscent of the three daughters of the Wu- King during the time of the Warring States Period, who prefer hanged as by the soldiers to be the king of Yue captured.

Administrative Divisions

At the community level, Fengxian is composed of eight large communities. These are: