A large village Anting (Chinese安亭 镇/安亭 镇, Pinyin Anting Zhen ) is located in the district of Jiading Chinese government immediacy city of Shanghai, about 34 km west of the center of Shanghai on the border with neighboring Jiangsu Province. Anting has an area of ​​89.28 km ² and approximately 83,900 inhabitants (2009 ).


Anting is one of the centers of China's automobile industry; here is the location of the German-Chinese joint ventures Shanghai Volkswagen, the company with the largest market share in China in the field of cars. Anting will, however, soon surpassed by the proposed auto city in the wake of the expansion of the city of Changchun in northern China many times. Close to the greater community is the Shanghai International Circuit, China's first Formula 1 race track, which is home of the Chinese Grand Prix.

Anting German Town

In the south of the large village, a city construction project on the German model " German Town Anting " was to 2006 as part of the expansion to " Motor City Anting " or " Anting New Town " by the architectural firm AS & P ( Albert Speer & Partner GmbH, Frankfurt aM ) built. The pattern -like large housing for 20,000 residents was mainly built with 4- storey houses, the apartments according to German construction standards with double glazing and good insulation are quite call " ecological". The streets and public spaces have been kept compact in accordance with German medium-sized towns and scattered with benches, fountains and greenery. For Chinese standards, the condos are quite expensive, so only affordable for the upper middle class, hence the reference to the "Auto City of Anting " will drag on for some time. It is still lacking (as of 2011 ), nor to urban infrastructure, there are only a few shops, schools and social institutions. This major project has been referred to as " ghost town " and "management - disaster."

Many observers fear in China property bubble.


In Anting is opened in 2007, first car museum in China.

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The station for the greater community, the Anting North Railway Station is one of 21 stops the high-speed Shanghai -Nanjing Intercity High - Speed ​​Railway.

In addition, the place by the line 11 of the modern Shanghai metro from the city center of Shanghai is within easy reach. Anting is currently the terminus of this route.

Administrative Divisions

Anting is composed of 14 residential communities and 44 villages. These are:


Anting has been twinned with the Weimar, Thuringia in Germany.