Shanghai International Circuit

31.3375121.22111111111Koordinaten: 31 ° 20 ' 15 " N, 121 ° 13' 16" E

The Shanghai International Circuit is a motorsport race track in the People's Republic of China, which is close to the metropolis of Shanghai. Since 2004, the Chinese Grand Prix of Formula 1 is held there annually. From 2005 to 2008 also found four times the Chinese Grand Prix held in the Motorcycle World Championship.

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The circuit is one of the many prestigious projects of the Chinese, the world will thus demonstrate their technical expertise and their economic creativity. It is located around 25 km north-west from the center of Shanghai and has some special features. Firstly, it offers one of the most modern paddock all current Formula 1 courses, which is closely adapted to the Chinese architectural style of the area. Secondly, the German track architect Hermann Tilke built a so-called " worm curve". It is based on the construction of a snail shell and narrowed its turning radius is therefore increasingly. Otherwise, the route - like almost all modern courses - very broadly interpreted and lined with wide range areas. The risk of accidents should be kept as low as possible.

Because the background of the track consisted largely of soft sediment and marsh, you had to use a large amount of polystyrene in the construction, so that the distance " auftreibt " and does not sag. According Tilke, the Chinese market has been " bought empty" in order to realize the project. The plant represents a milestone in the deep civil engineering and architecture dar.

Furthermore, had distributed provided approximately 43,000 pile foundations and worked with about 80 rigs due to the marshy soil of the entire system. To drain the roadway even when it rains fast and reliable, large reservoirs have been created near the paddock, which are filled as needed with accumulating rain water.

The design of the course was shàng according to the operators of the form of the Chinese character上(up, up) modeled on the city name in Shanghai (上海- " up the sea " ) occurs.


All winners of the Formula 1 race in Shanghai

Record winner Driver: Fernando Alonso / Lewis Hamilton (2 each) Record winner designers: Ferrari ( 4) Record winner Engine Manufacturer: Ferrari / Mercedes -Benz (4 each ) Record winner tire manufacturer Bridgestone (6 ) Record winner Nations: Germany / United Kingdom ( 3 each)