Guia Circuit

The Guia cicuit is a temporary motor racing track, which is annually established on closed roads in China's Macao Special Administrative Region.

The route is quite long with 6115 meters for a street circuit and is traversed clockwise. The track width varies 7-14 meters. The small width and the partially blind corners often result in this form available only in Macau accidents: A abgekommenes of the track vehicle is propelled by the stacks of tires back on the track, blocking them largely and solves almost inevitably a mass collision from.

From the start, there are three long straights, which are connected by two demanding full throttle curves. Then with the Lisboa- kink followed by a right-hand bend, which offers the only good overtaking. The following two kilometers through mountainous landscape. On this piece are the Solitude Esses, a combination of curves, which is named after the former racetrack Solitude in Stuttgart. At the end of the downhill track is to ride with the hairpin Melco Hairpin one of the slowest passages of all motorsport race track; there exists no overtaking. After that, the route passes through two right turns back to the start and finish.

Since 1954, every year takes place on the Guia Cicuit the Macau Grand Prix. In this race for touring cars, motorcycles and seaters are organized.

The most famous race thereby forming the Formula 3 Intercontinental Cup. In this race the best drivers of national and regional Formula 3 championships compete against each other and so determine the unofficial Formula 3 champion. 2006 won the Briton Mike Conway, of German Adrian Sutil came as the winner of the Japanese Formula 3 Championship at No. 3 In the earlier years have already Ayrton Senna (1983 ), John Nielsen (1984 ), David Brabham (1989 ), Michael Schumacher (1990 ), David Coulthard (1991 ), Jörg Müller (1993 ), Sascha Maassen (1994 ), Ralf Schumacher (1995) and Takuma Satō (2001) subscribe to the list of winners.

Since 2005, the World Touring Car Championship ( WTCC) is wearing her season finale as part of the Macau Grand Prix on the Guia Circuit and as such represents the touring car races.

A peculiarity motorcycle races are held on the Guia Circuit. On other city courses no motorcycle races are held because of the high risk to the driver by the lack of run-off areas. 2005 accident Frenchman Bruno Bonhuil in Macau deadly after he slipped due to a driving error in the guardrail.

In 2012 there were in the context of the 46th Macau Grand Prix within 24 hours two fatal accidents. On Thursday, the race weekend of the Portuguese motorcycle pilot Luís Carreira crashed in training fatal. The accident occurred in the Fisherman's curve. In Friday's practice of touring car accident around 13:11 local time clock of the Chinese Touring Car driver Yau Wing Choi and died about 40 minutes later in hospital from his injuries.