John Nielsen (racing driver)

John Nielsen ( born February 7, 1956 in Varde ) is a Danish racing driver.

John Nielsen was popular in the 1990s due to his success at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in his native Denmark. Even before Tom Kristensen he was the first Dane to win the endurance classic. Prior to joining the sports car he was one of the best young pilots of his generation in the single-seater. He won the 1982 German Formula 3 Championship and won the 1984 Formula 3 race in Macau, a racing event that could use many pilots as a stepping stone to Formula 1 (one year before won there Ayrton Senna ). Still, they never managed to Nielsen in a Formula 1 cockpit.

In sports car Nielsen for three decades is top class. 18 times he was until 2008 in Le Mans at the start. In 1990 he crowned his career with a win. At the wheel of the Jaguar XJR -12 he won with Martin Brundle and Price Cobb.

Le Mans results

  • World Sports Car Championship racer
  • Winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans
  • Formula 3000 racer
  • Racers (Denmark)
  • Born in 1956
  • Man
  • Dane