The Hungaroring is a motorsport race track in Hungary. It is located on the outskirts of the village, Mogyoród, northeast of Budapest, near Gödöllő. Since the season 1986 regular performances Formula 1 during the Hungarian Grand Prix there. The race of 1986 was the first GP during the Cold War, which was fought in a communist country. During the construction of the track in 1985 by the Hungarian state for the equivalent of around 15 million DM (7.67 million euros ), a theme park ( Hungaroring Adventure Park ) was built.

The track is located just off the M3 motorway and approximately 19 km from the center of Budapest. In a valley 80 percent of the route can be seen from the 50 hectares of rolling hillside. With this ideal location of the Hungaroring is often referred to as a flat plate, because on its edge sit viewers while they watch the race. The route is known as a demanding course, which offers few opportunities for overtaking.

Route data

  • Built: 1986
  • Largest increase: 6.2%
  • The largest gradient: 7.0%