2006 Formula One season

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The Formula 1 2006 season was the 57th FIA Formula 1 World Championship. She was discharged through 18 races in the period from 12 March to 22 October. Drivers world champion Fernando Alonso was like last year, the constructors' championship defended Renault. It was the moment last season, took part in the Michael Schumacher as a driver. The seven -time world champion finished at the end of the season for the time being its active Formula 1 career, but returned in 2010 back into Formula 1.

  • 4.1 Grand Prix of Bahrain
  • 4.2 Malaysian Grand Prix
  • 4.3 Australian Grand Prix
  • 4.4 Grand Prix of San Marino
  • 4.5 European Grand Prix
  • 4.6 Grand Prix of Spain
  • 4.7 Grand Prix of Monaco
  • 4.8 Grand Prix of Great Britain
  • 4.9 Canadian Grand Prix
  • 4:10 United States Grand Prix
  • 4:11 Grand Prix of France
  • 4:12 Grand Prix of Germany
  • 4:13 Grand Prix of Hungary
  • 4:14 Grand Prix of Turkey
  • 4:15 Grand Prix of Italy
  • 4:16 Grand Prix of China
  • 4:17 Grand Prix of Japan
  • 4:18 Grand Prix of Brazil
  • 6.1 Drivers' Championship
  • 6.2 Constructors' Championship

Changes in 2006


For the first time since 1995 was not the Australian Grand Prix, the first race of the season, but was held as the third race in April. Reason was an overlap with the Commonwealth Games from March 15 to 26 in Melbourne. The Belgian Grand Prix at Spa- Francorchamps has been removed due to renovation work of the pit area for the 2006 season from the racing calendar, so that only 18 instead of 19 races were held.


To make the qualifying on Saturday for spectators attractive, three qualification runs are performed. First, all drivers have with any amount of fuel 15 minutes to achieve a good lap time. Get the 16 best drivers after the first elimination round again for 15 minutes in order to qualify as each one of 10 participants in the qualifying final round. In the final round are finally starting places 1 to 10 in a period of first 20, but since the Grand Prix of Great Britain determined 15 minutes. Before the final round continues until the start of the race on Sunday, the last chance to recharge the race car, so that not only the tactics for the race course, but also already has to be included for the qualifiying in the tank strategy.

The tactics of the first phase of the last training session is that as much gasoline is moved to make the car lighter. In the last seven to eight minutes usually then changing tires is achieved ( up to two times ) the fast lap times. The consumed amount of fuel must be replenished before the race. However, only counts the number of rounds that are within the 110 percent of the fastest time. Since the European Grand Prix but applies to the In and Out Laps - out and back so for the rounds from the pit lane - a 120 percent limit.

The in the 2005 season still banned tire changes are allowed again, while every driver is limited to 14 sets of tires: 7 Rates for dry conditions, 4 sets for wet conditions and 3 sets for extreme weather. Moreover, the requirements for the motor are changed. Mandatory are now 8 cylinder with 2.4 liter displacement instead of 10 cylinders with max. 3.0 liters. Even before the takeover of Minardi by Red Bull an exception was made for the team - it was able to save costs, continue to V10 engines, however, air volume and speed- limited. This provision was retained after the sale of the team for the Scuderia Toro Rosso.

For the history of the rule changes in Formula 1, see also: Formula 1 rules.


BMW ended the previous cooperation with Williams. BMW Sauber F1 occurs as a new BMW factory team after taking over the Sauber team. Williams is now supplied by Cosworth and no longer by BMW with engines.

With Honda Racing F1 Honda takes first time since 1968, again in part with a factory team in Formula 1. The team went from B.A.R. forth.

After Jordan was taken over by the Midland Group of Russian millionaire Alexander Shnaider already for the 2005 season, the team now as MF1 Racing takes.

Red Bull Racing is now supplied by Ferrari and not more of Cosworth engines. In addition, Toro Rosso appears as "Red Bull Junior Team" to after Minardi was taken over by Red Bull. 50 % of the shares of the team took over former Formula 1 driver Gerhard Berger. With Dietrich Mateschitz for the first time takes part a team owner in Formula 1, which is heavily involved in two teams.

Finally, notes with Super Aguri F1 team for the first time since 2002, an eleventh part.

Before the Grand Prix of Italy, the Midland F1 team was acquired by Spyker. Already in China joined the team under the new name Spyker MF1 Racing to and new paint.


In the season of 2006, numerous changes in the composition of the teams were reacted with racing, test and reserve drivers. When the racers there were the following changes compared to the 2005 season:

The two racers used in 2005 Minardi Robert Doornbos and Patrick Friesacher and former Jordan driver Narain Karthikeyan are no longer in the Start field. Doornbos is 2006 third driver for Red Bull while Karthikeyan is used as a test driver for Williams.

New in Formula 1, the last season being experienced in the GP2 Series drivers Nico Rosberg and Scott Speed ​​. Rosberg replace Nick Heidfeld at Williams. Speed ​​amplifies the new Toro Rosso team. As a new Formula 1 pilot also launched the Japanese Yuji Ide at Super Aguri F1 Team, who moved from the Formula Nippon. Ide was allowed to drive only four races, he noticed through unsportsmanlike driving behavior and he thereupon the license by the FIA ​​was withdrawn and was the GP of Europe to the GP of France by the French and the former Renault test driver Franck Montagny replaced as regular drivers, which in turn was replaced by the Japanese Sakon Yamamoto since the GP of Germany.

Nick Heidfeld moved from Williams to the BMW Sauber team, where it replaces Felipe Massa. Massa joined Ferrari in place of Rubens Barrichello. Barrichello replaced Takuma Satō at Honda, while Sato amplifies the Super Aguri team this season. Moreover changed Albers Minardi to MF1 Racing Vitantonio Liuzzi and went from Red Bull in the "Red Bull Junior Team" Scuderia Toro Rosso.

Since the Hungarian Grand Prix BMW Sauber Friday tester Robert Kubica took over the cockpit of Jacques Villeneuve. The new test driver for the free practice sessions on Friday at BMW Sauber is the young German Sebastian Vettel. On 11 September 2006 it was announced that the Austrian Christian Klien was released early from his current contract until the end of the season at Red Bull Racing. His place is occupied by the third man on the team until then Robert Doornbos.

Teams and Drivers

2 The team started from the 15th race ( Grand Prix Italy ) under the name of the new majority owner Spyker.

Race Calendar

Race Reports

Grand Prix of Bahrain

The Bahrain Grand Prix at the Bahrain International Circuit was held on 12 March 2006, went over a distance of 57 laps of 5.417 kilometers for a total of 308.238 kilometers.

On the eve of Michael Schumacher in the Ferrari reached the pole position with a time of 1:31,431 followed by his teammate Felipe Massa. He moved so that the same with the Brazilian Ayrton Senna, who also was able to achieve 65 pole positions. The race start was up on a spin by Nick Heidfeld, who has been led by Nico Rosberg, easily.

Decisive for the course of the race was the pit stop strategy. Kimi Räikkönen was still able to achieve third place with his one- stop strategy, despite the recent launch site. Schumacher and Alonso were both traveling with a two-stop strategy. At the last stop Fernando Alonso secured almost the first place ahead of Schumacher. The fastest race lap Rosberg drove with 1:32,408 minutes in his 42 round shortly before his second fuel stop.

Grand Prix of Malaysia

The Malaysian Grand Prix at the Sepang International Circuit was held on 19 March 2006 and went over a distance of 56 laps of 5.543 kilometers for a total of 310.408 kilometers.

The weekend began with significant motor problems: both the two Ferrari drivers Michael Schumacher and Felipe Massa, and the Toyota driver Ralf Schumacher, and Red Bull driver David Coulthard and Honda's Rubens Barrichello had to change their car engine, what each of them meant a deterioration in the start position by ten ranks.

The fastest in qualifying was Giancarlo Fisichella in the Renault. In the race he was able to put his pole position into victory. The launch went very well for Alonso, who moved up from position 8 to Rank 3.

Unhappy was the first round for Raikkonen and Klien: the two collided, Raikkonen had to finish the race directly, Klien followed with a defect in round 26 A further six drivers were also made: Rosberg, Coulthard, Webber, Ide, speed and Heidfeld. The fastest race lap was run with a time of 1:34,803 minutes from Alonso.

Grand Prix of Australia

The Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park Circuit in Melbourne was held on 2 April 2006, went over a distance of 58 laps of 5.303 kilometers for a total of 307.574 kilometers.

The race did not start until after a new formation lap, because Giancarlo Fisichella stopped at the start. Jenson Button initially defended his pole position, lost the lead, however, already in the course of the first round to Fernando Alonso. The race was marked by numerous accidents ( Felipe Massa, Michael Schumacher, Juan Pablo Montoya and others) and the resulting safety car phases.

Alonso could always settle sovereign from his pursuers on the respective re- offs and drove out a comfortable victory ahead of Kimi Raikkonen. Ralf Schumacher drove despite a penalty ( too fast in the pits ) to 3rd place.

Jenson Button, who could never keep up with Alonso and Raikkonen, suffered in the last turn an engine failure, kept his Honda but still short of the goal line. Button had no championship points, but could save you a relegation by 10 places (because the necessary engine change ) at the next race at Imola with this attitude. Originally located on the 8th Place Scott Speed ​​was for overtaking under yellow flags by David Coulthard a time penalty and it was only ninth.

The fastest lap of the race Kimi Raikkonen drove in the penultimate round of 1:26,045 minutes.

Grand Prix of San Marino

The Grand Prix of San Marino at the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari in Imola was held on 23 April 2006, went over a distance of 62 laps of 4.933 kilometers for a total of 305.609 kilometers.

The pole position was Michael Schumacher in the Ferrari retract with a time of 1:22.795 minutes. It was his 66th pole position at all, and thus a new record (the old record holder was Ayrton Senna ). On the following places Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello followed the Honda.

At the start Michael Schumacher was able to maintain its leading position ahead of Button. Fernando Alonso has started from 5th place to win a seat. Already a few corners later the last place Yuji Ide collided in the Super Aguri with the vehicle in front of him Albers. The Dutchman turned over six times, but was able to get out unharmed from the landed on the head wreck. After the subsequent safety car period Schumacher went ahead and was able to stop his drive out a comfortable lead. On lap 30, as Jenson Button made ​​its first stop, the lollipop man raised his shield too early, thus giving the driver the signal to drive off. Button ripped it with half its crew of mechanics and the fuel hose. In this incident, but there were no casualties.

After the first pit stops Schumacher was back in front, ahead of his teammate Felipe Massa and reigning world champion Fernando Alonso. After Massa's second stop, this Alonso had meanwhile kept in check, Schumacher was suddenly 1.5 seconds per lap slower and until his second stop big problems to keep Alonso behind. Surprisingly, the first Spaniard went to the pits, Schumacher came a lap later and behiel the lead. Both fought a battle to the end of the race, the Schumacher could end up deciding for themselves. Schumacher drove his 85th win a Ferrari his 183

David Coulthard, Takuma Satō, Christian Klien, Yuji Ide, Jarno Trulli and Albers did not reach the target. Alonso set the fastest race lap ( 1:24.569 minutes).

Grand Prix of Europe

The European Grand Prix at the Nürburgring took place on 7 May 2006 and went over a distance of 60 laps of 5.148 kilometers for a total of 308.863 kilometers.

Fernando Alonso reached the pole position in qualifying, just ahead of Michael Schumacher. The race was determined by the duel of these two rivals. Up to the second pit stop, Alonso was able to defend his lead ahead of Schumacher. This stop made ​​three laps before Alonso Schumacher, who took the time to eject a lead and win the race.

The fastest lap of the race Michael Schumacher drove with 1:32,099 minutes. Ralf Schumacher, Juan Pablo Montoya, Takuma Satō, Franck Montagny, Jenson Button, Christian Klien and Mark Webber fell out with technical problems. David Coulthard and Vitantonio Liuzzi were able to race due to an accident shortly after the start, who moved around a long safety car period after themselves, do not drive over.

Grand Prix of Spain

The Spanish Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya near Barcelona was held on 14 May 2006 and went over a distance of 66 laps of 4.627 kilometers for a total of 305.256 kilometers.

The Renault dominated the qualifying, Fernando Alonso drove in his home race on pole position, team-mate Giancarlo Fisichella in second place ahead of the two Ferraris, with Michael Schumacher won the internal stable duel against Felipe Massa.

The race was dominated by Renault. Michael Schumacher could displace a convenient pit stop strategy at the first stop Fisichella from second place. The victory of Alonso, however, was compromised at any time.

The fastest lap of the race Felipe Massa drove in a time of 1:16,648 minutes. 17 of 22 riders were able to finish the race, only Albers, Scott Speed ​​, Ralf Schumacher, Juan Pablo Montoya and Franck Montagny stepped down from technical defects.

Grand Prix of Monaco

The Monaco Grand Prix at the Circuit de Monaco was held on 28 May 2006 and went over a distance of 78 laps of 3.340 kilometers for a total of 260.520 kilometers.

The secured pole position Michael Schumacher in his Ferrari ahead of the reigning world champion Fernando Alonso in the Renault. Schumacher but was downgraded to the last place because he had stopped on the final lap of the qualifying session for no apparent reason and had thus taken its competitors the chance of a last quick lap. The pole position was so Fernando Alonso.

The goal reached 16 of 22 drivers, Nico Rosberg out due to a technical fault from. Kimi Raikkonen retired with engine failure on his McLaren - Mercedes, after he had with Fernando Alonso in a fierce duel for the lead.

The fastest lap of the race Michael Schumacher drove in 1:15,143 minutes.

Grand Prix of Great Britain

The Grand Prix of Great Britain at Silverstone Circuit was held on 11 June 2006, went over a distance of 60 laps of 5.141 kilometers for a total of 308.355 kilometers.

Alonso drove from pole position starting from a sovereign and comfortable win out. The fastest lap of the race also reached Alonso at 1:21,599 minutes.

In the middle of the race Michael Schumacher overtook the pit stop the number one point to Kimi Raikkonen and gave this place to your destination no longer from. At the end of the race, Raikkonen's third place of Giancarlo Fisichella was thronged, but not taken. McLaren -Mercedes could not confirm his good form from the Monaco Grand Prix here.

Grand Prix of Canada

The Canadian Grand Prix at the Circuit Gilles -Villeneuve in Montreal took place on 25 June 2006 and went over a distance of 70 laps of 4.361 kilometers for a total of 305.270 kilometers.

Fernando Alonso won the race from pole position starting. Kimi Raikkonen, after qualifying in 2nd place, underwent a mistake and was overtaken on the penultimate lap of Michael Schumacher.

The fastest lap of the race with Räikkönen drove 1:15,841 minutes. With Villeneuve, Ralf Schumacher, Montoya, Barrichello, Montagny, Rosberg and Albers were 7 of 22 riders started not finish the race.

United States Grand Prix

The Grand Prix of USA at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was held on 2 July 2006 and went over a distance of 73 laps of 4.195 kilometers for a total of 306.235 kilometers.

Felipe Massa was able to get through to a good start in the lead. Already in the first round there were a number of failures after a mass crash.

After his first pit stop of Michael started from pole position, Schumacher took the lead. Then he drove his Ferrari to victory unchallenged. The fastest race lap also drove Michael Schumacher at 1:12,719 minutes.

Grand Prix of France

The French Grand Prix at the Circuit de Nevers Magny -Cours took place on 16 July 2006 and went over a distance of 70 laps of 4.411 kilometers for a total of 308.586 kilometers.

The pole position Michael Schumacher secured ahead of Massa and Alonso. In the race Schumacher dominated and won for the eighth time this Grand Prix, and he also went with 1:17,111 minutes the fastest lap.

Alonso could reach the second place, since Massa had to put in a third pit stop, where Alonso was able to overtake him. This lost Alonso just two points in the championship to Schumacher.

Grand Prix of Germany

The Grand Prix of Germany at the Hockenheimring was held on 30 July 2006 and went over a distance of 67 laps of 4.574 kilometers for a total of 306.458 kilometers.

Kimi Räikkönen started from pole position but had to because of problems in the pits a few laps later. Michael Schumacher took over by the leadership. Ferrari surprised with exceptional superiority and drove out a sovereign and unchallenged double victory. World champion Alonso brought his car in fifth place. Raikkonen reached as a third party nor the podium, and saw for the first time in his career at Hockenheim the checkered flag. The fastest lap went to Michael Schumacher with a time of 1:16,357 minutes in the 17th round.

Grand Prix of Hungary

The Hungarian Grand Prix at the Hungaroring in Budapest took place on August 6, 2006, went over a distance of 70 laps of 4.381 kilometers for a total of 306.663 kilometers.

Both Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher drove in qualifying with the handicap that two seconds were pitched on each of their qualifying times. Alonso each got one second penalty for a fault of his dangerous situation in the meeting with Doornbos and for overtaking under a yellow flag. Schumacher received his penalty for overtaking under red flag. This Schumacher could only qualify for the grid 11 and Alonso for 15th place.

After starting Kimi Raikkonen took the lead. Started from 15 Alonso fought on mostly wet track in the subsequent period and after a furious chase up to the top before. After his second pit stop he came through two lost wheel bolts but off the track and had to retire. Kimi Raikkonen crashed while lapping with Liuzzi.

Thus resulted in the last third of the race which also started from far behind Jenson Button in front of Michael Schumacher. During the subsequent de la Rosa, Heidfeld and Barrichello aufschlossen more and more, trying Schumacher with his bald tires set to come to the finish. However, he fell three laps with a broken suspension. Since he had already covered 75 % of the race distance, he was still ranked ninth. After the disqualification of Kubica (the car of Poland was when weighing two kilograms after the race too easily ) moved ahead of Schumacher did to eighth place, which the Germans brought a championship point.

Jenson Button won after a faultless race his first Grand Prix in front of the equally strong Pedro de la Rosa. Nick Heidfeld secured the BMW - Sauber team with his 3rd place for the first time a place on the podium. The fastest race lap Felipe Massa ran a time in the 65th round of 1:23,516 minutes, went into this race a Ferrari driver.

Grand Prix of Turkey

The Turkey Grand Prix at the Istanbul Park Circuit was held on August 27, 2006, and went over a distance of 58 laps of 5.338 kilometers for a total of 309.356 kilometers.

Directly after the start fell Kimi Raikkonen and Tiago Monteiro of an accident, in which many other drivers were involved or who may have lost a few places, but could continue.

Felipe Massa was able to realize his first pole position in his first Formula 1 victory. The Michael Schumacher started from second place was only third, inter alia as a result of a driving error and thus lost a further two points in the championship standings to second-placed Fernando Alonso.

The fastest lap of the race Michael Schumacher drove in 1:28,005 minutes.

Grand Prix of Italy

The Grand Prix of Italy at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza took place on 10 September 2006 and went over a distance of 53 laps of 5.793 kilometers for a total of 306.720 kilometers.

The front of the race with 12 points leading world champion Fernando Alonso had to start because of a disability of Felipe Massa in qualifying from the tenth position.

Initially lying in 2nd place, Michael Schumacher was leading Kimi Raikkonen overtaking during the first pit stop phase.

Shortly before the end of the race Alonso fell by an engine failure and was thus able to achieve in this race no more championship points. Michael Schumacher won, however, and was only 2 points behind Alonso. After the Grand Prix Michael Schumacher stated that he would end his career after the 2006 season. His successor in the Ferrari team was the Finn Kimi Raikkonen.

Robert Kubica achieved his first podium finish in his third Formula 1 race in third place. The fastest lap achieved with 1:22,559 minutes Kimi Raikkonen.

Grand Prix of China

The Grand Prix of China at the Shanghai International Circuit was held on 1 October 2006 and went over a distance of 56 laps of 5.451 kilometers for a total of 305.256 kilometers.

The Pole Position Fernando Alonso secured his team-mate Giancarlo Fisichella. Michael Schumacher, who drove the defeated wet track Bridgestone tires, only finished sixth.

In the race, but Schumacher was on a drying track to overtake the two Hondas of Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello. He also benefited from the retirement of Kimi Raikkonen. When Fernando Alonso, who led the race until then, by decreasing tire was slow, he was overtaken by Fisichella and Schumacher. Schumacher was happening then in a spectacular maneuver also Fisichella, who just left the box and still got enough grip. As Alonso also lost a lot of time at his second pit stop, Schumacher's victory seemed unharmed. But shortly before the end of the race it started to rain again and Alonso was able to reduce its backlog of previously 13 on only three seconds.

The fastest lap of the race went in the 50th round of Fernando Alonso with 1:37,586 minutes.

After the race, Alonso and Schumacher were in the drivers' world championship par on points. Since Schumacher at this time, however, had one more win to his credit, led the Kerpener the 2006 World Cup for the first time in nearly two years. This was also the last time that Schumacher in the championship took the lead and the last time he won a race.

Grand Prix of Japan

The Grand Prix of Japan at the Suzuka International Racing Course took place on 8 October 2006 and went over a distance of 53 laps of 5.807 kilometers for a total of 307.771 kilometers.

Fernando Alonso won the race ahead of Felipe Massa and Giancarlo Fisichella and thus assumed the lead again in the World Cup.

After Michael Schumacher had taken the lead in the third round of Massa, he was leading the race until Lap 37, when he retired with an engine failure.

Grand Prix of Brazil

The Grand Prix of Brazil at the Autódromo José Carlos Pace in Interlagos / São Paulo took place on 22 October 2006 and went over 71 laps of 4.309 kilometers for a total of 305.939 kilometers.

Felipe Massa was able to secure pole position, ahead of Kimi Raikkonen. Due to problems with the fuel pressure Michael Schumacher was not able to score in the third round part of qualifying, so he finished tenth on the grid. Fernando Alonso started from fourth place.

Schumacher started the race with a chase up to fifth place when he fell back by a sustained during an overtaking maneuver against Fisichella tire damage up to the last place. By the end of the race, he managed to still work your way through some overtaking up to fourth rank.

Massa became the first Brazilian since Ayrton Senna in the 1993 season in the Grand Prix of Brazil. Alonso secured and his team Renault's never threatened second place in this race the second world title in a row.


This table shows that have achieved better rankings in qualifying in the Team which driver.

World Cup ratings

World Champion will be the one driver or designer who has accumulated up to the end of the season the most points in the World Championship. The distribution of points, the placings in the overall result of each race are taken into account. The eight first-placed rider in each race will receive points according to the following scheme:

Drivers' championship

Constructors' Championship