Felipe Massa


Felipe Massa ( born April 25, 1981 in São Paulo) is a Brazilian automobile racing driver.

He starts since 2002 in Formula 1, and was there in 2008 Vice World Champion. From 2006 to 2013 Massa at Ferrari was under contract. Since 2014 he starts for Williams.

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Beginnings in motorsport (1990-2001)

At the age of nine years, Massa began his motorsport career in karting. In 1998 he moved to Formula racing and was fifth in the Brazilian Formula Chevrolet. In 1999, he remained in this series and decided the championship with three wins from ten races for themselves.

In 2000, Massa to Europe, where he became a cockpit for the Formula Renault Eurocup in 2000 and received the Italian Formula Renault with Cram Competition. He took part in both series of eight races in both championships and decided the drivers' championship for themselves. In the Formula Renault 2000 Eurocup, he sat down with 140 to 124 points against Charles Zwolsman Jr. by, in the Italian Formula Renault, he was tied with Raffaele Giammaria. As had won with four wins two races over Giammaria, Massa decided the title duel for themselves. Giammaria had completed two races over Massa.

2001 Massa received a cockpit when Draco Junior Team in the Euro Formula 3000th He chose six of eight races for themselves and won the championship. With 60 to 32 points he scored almost twice as many points than second-placed Thomas Biagi. In addition, he took in 2001 for assisted by N.Technology Alfa Romeo factory team in two events of the European Touring Car Championship in part. It was a fifth place his best result. At the end of Massa completed for Sauber also its first test drives in a Formula 1 car.

Formula 1 (since 2002)

Debut with Sauber and one year test driver for Ferrari (2002-2003)

Since Massa Sauber confident in testing, it received for the 2002 Formula 1 season a cockpit in the team in place of Kimi Räikkönen and team-mate Nick Heidfeld. Massa completed 16 of 17 races and was replaced at the U.S. Grand Prix by Heinz -Harald Frentzen. Massa came eight times in the top 10 and was eliminated in the other eight races from. A fifth place in the Spanish Grand Prix was his best result. With four points, he finished 13th in the drivers' world championship, while Heidfeld with seven points tenth.

2003 Massa lost his cockpit at Frentzen and remained as test driver for Ferrari involved in Formula 1.

Return to Sauber (2004-2005)

2004 Massa returned to Sauber and was team-mate Giancarlo Fisichella. Massa came regularly this season to the finish and dropped only four races out. With a fourth place at the Belgian Grand Prix, he was Gesamtzwölfter. He defeated Fisichella, who was eleventh, with 12 to 22 points.

Massa remained with Sauber in 2005 and was awarded with the former world champion Jacques Villeneuve a new teammates. Massa's best result was a fourth place again, which he achieved at the Grand Prix of Canada. Massa sat down with 11 to 9 points against internally by Villeneuve and lay a position in front of him on the 13th place overall.

Ferrari (2006-2013)

In 2006, Massa as a team driver to Ferrari, replacing his compatriot Rubens Barrichello. Massa was team-mate Michael Schumacher, who had won from 2000 to 2004 with Ferrari five times the World Cup. After he had come three times in the top 10 in the first four races, he scored at the European Grand Prix in third his first podium placement in Formula 1 Five races later in the U.S., he finished second. In the next two races in France and Germany followed by other podium finishes. Two races on the Grand Prix of Turkey Massa started from pole position for the first time and scored in the race his first Formula 1 victory. After a second place in the Japanese Grand Prix, he won again at his home race in Brazil. Massa was third with 80 points in the drivers' world championship, losing so internally Schumacher, who scored 121 points in second place.

In 2007, Massa Raikkonen with a new teammates. After the first twelve races Massa was in the World Cup one point ahead of Räikönnen. Massa had won with victories in Bahrain, Spain and Turkey, three races, while Raikkonen had decided four races for themselves. In addition, Massa was in France and Europe as well as second in Monaco and the United States as third on the podium. In the last five races, Raikkonen took off with three wins and two third places of Massa and won the world championship with 110 points. Massa finished second and third in the Grand Prix of China in the last five races in Belgium and Brazil. With 94 points Massa came fourth in the drivers' standings.

Massa and Raikkonen in 2008 were again the Ferrari driving duo. After two failures in the first two races Massa won the Bahrain Grand Prix. This was followed by a second place in Spain. In the next two Grand Prix in Turkey and in Monaco he scored the pole position. After Massa had won in Turkey, he finished third in Monaco. After a fifth place in the Grand Prix of Canada Massa decided in France his third race of the season for themselves. He benefited from a technical defect in the vehicle Raikkonen, who thereby was second. Massa took over after this race the lead in the world championship, becoming the first Brazilian since Ayrton Senna, to have managed this. After Massa finished the race at the Grand Prix of Great Britain out of the points, he lost the lead in the World Cup but returned to Lewis Hamilton.

After a third place in Germany Massa led the Hungarian Grand Prix in the final phase. Three rounds before the end of the race he fell out with an engine failure. The next race in Europe and Belgium he won. According to a sixth place at Ferrari 's home race in Italy Massa was in the drivers' standings before the last four races of the season one point behind Hamilton.

When the Singapore Grand Prix Massa started from pole position and initially leading the race. After a deliberate accident triggered by Nelson Piquet Jr. came early to a safety car phase, in which Massa pitted. This Massa drove off when the fuel hose still attached to his car. By this glitch Massa dropped to the rear of the field and came out of the points to the finish. After a seventh place in Japan and a second place in China Massa was seven points behind leader Hamilton the last race of the season in Brazil. Massa won the race, which Hamilton had to finish at least fifth to win the title since Massa would be located on points due to the higher number of victory ahead. Hamilton improved in the penultimate corner to fifth place and came up with this finish, so he Massa became world champion by one point. The fans in the stands and his team had already celebrated at this time the supposed world championship win Massa. Internal struck Massa Raikkonen with 97 to 75 points.

2009 remained Massa and Raikkonen at Ferrari, who were riding not by rule changes this year to the World Cup. Massa remained in the first four races without points, came in the next five races, but always in the top sixth At the last of these five races in Germany Massa was third in the first time on the podium.

In qualifying for the next Grand Prix, the Grand Prix of Hungary, Massa was seriously injured when hit by an approximately 800 gram heavy metal spring that had broken away from Barrichello's race cars, at a speed of 240 km / h in the amount of the helmet and he thereupon briefly lost consciousness. The car drove head-on into a tire barrier unguided, while Massa, who was dizzy, had simultaneously operates the gas and brake pedal, according to telemetry data. Massa suffered in the accident, a cut on the forehead, a fractured skull and a severe concussion ( traumatic brain injury). In a two- hour surgery him a bone splinter was removed behind the eye socket. It turned out for the rest of the season. At the time of his injury lay before Massa Raikkonen in fifth place in the championship. Massa was represented for the next two races by Luca Badoer and then replaced by the end of the season by Fisichella. Both representation riders stayed in a Ferrari without points, while Raikkonen won a race.

At the penultimate race in Brazil Massa waved the checkered flag. In the overall standings Massa finished in eleventh place overall.

For the 2010 season with Alonso Massa received a new team-mate at Ferrari. At the season opener in Bahrain Massa denied the first Grand Prix after his accident and was behind Alonso second. In the subsequent Australian Grand Prix Massa defended his position against his teammate, who came right behind him to the finish, and was again on the podium in third. After the third race Massa took over first time since 2008 the lead in the drivers' world championship, they had, however, already leave for another race Jenson Button. Over the next seven races Massa came only once in the top 5, so he fell back in the drivers' championship and was after the Grand Prix of Great Britain in eighth place, while Alonso was fifth.

At the following Grand Prix of Germany Massa took over for the first time in the season running a race. After he had told his race engineer that Alonso, who was right behind him, was faster, he left him, by going from the gas, apparently over. In the end he finished second behind his teammate. The race management assessed the overtaking as forbidden team orders and took the team to a Geldstrafte of 100,000 U.S. dollars. In the remaining course of the season he was third in Italy and Korea, two other races on the podium. Massa had the entire season problems with the hard tires and succeeded especially in qualifying rarely, to get the tires to work optimally. Massa finished the season with 144 points in sixth place overall, while Alonso with 252 became vice world champion.

2011 saw the launch Massa with three points finishes in the season. In the seventh race, the Canadian Grand Prix he had in the meantime chances of a podium placement. After an incident while lapping, who made an additional stop is required, he showed some overtaking and finally came in sixth place finish. Massa finished the season with six fifth places as the best results in sixth place in the Drivers' World Championship. With 118 to 257 points he lost to Alonso, who won a race, clearly. Massa 2011 was the best pilot, who never stood on the podium.

2012 was again Massa for Ferrari at the start. While his team-mate Alonso in the second race, the Malaysian Grand Prix, won, Massa crossed the finish line in 15th place. In the fourth race in Bahrain Massa scored the ninth place for the first time in the season points. After Massa after the fifth race had two points, while Alonso had scored 61 points in the same period, Massa was indirectly asked in a press release the team " insert another gear " one. At the following race in Monaco succeeded Massa consistently to ride in the top group and he was with about six seconds behind in sixth. From this race Massa was out of the top 10 only in two other Grand Prix. At the Grand Prix of Great Britain, he succeeded with a fourth place to achieve his best season up to that placement. This he repeated at the Grand Prix of Italy. With a second place at the Japanese Grand Prix, Massa scored his first podium finish of the season. Another followed at his home race in Brazil, as Massa was third. At the end of the season, he finished seventh in the drivers' world championship.

2013 Massa denies his eighth Formula 1 season for Ferrari. Alonso was his team mate. At the Australian Grand Prix Massa started with a fourth place in the season. Four races later at the Grand Prix of Spain drove Massa in third place on the podium. Massa finished the season in eighth place in the championship. With 112 to 242 points he lost again Alonso.

Massa left Ferrari at the end of the season 2013.

Williams (since 2014)

2014 is Massa in Formula 1 at the side of Valtteri Bottas for Williams at the start. He received a two-year contract. After the third race he finished in eleventh place overall.


Felipe Massa is married to Brazilian model Anna Raffaela Bassi, with whom he has a son. The family lives in Fontvieille, Monaco.


Massa annually in December, a kart race in Brazil Florianópolis out to be inaugurated as the starter of prominent field with pilots from various international racing series.

With the introduction of permanent Formula 1 race numbers 2014 Massa chose the # 19 for his future career.


Career stations

  • 2002: Formula 1 ( 13th place)
  • 2003: Formula 1 ( test driver )
  • 2004: Formula 1 ( 12th place)
  • 2005: Formula 1 ( 13th place)
  • 2006: Formula 1 ( 3rd place)
  • 2007: Formula 1 (4th place )
  • 2008: Formula 1 (2nd place)
  • 2009: Formula 1 (11th )
  • 2010: Formula 1 ( 6th place)
  • 2011: Formula 1 ( 6th place)
  • 2012: Formula 1 ( 7th place)
  • 2013: Formula 1 (8th place )
  • 2014: Formula 1

Statistics in Formula 1

Status: Bahrain Grand Prix, April 6, 2014

Grand Prix victories

  • 2006: Turkey ( Istanbul)
  • 2006: Brazil ( Interlagos )
  • 2007: Bahrain ( Sakhir )
  • 2007: Spain ( Barcelona)
  • 2007: Turkey ( Istanbul)
  • 2008: Bahrain ( Sakhir )
  • 2008: Turkey ( Istanbul)
  • 2008: France ( Magny -Cours )
  • 2008: Europe ( Valencia)
  • 2008: Belgium ( Spa -Francorchamps )
  • 2008: Brazil ( Interlagos )

Individual results