Formula racing

Formula racing is a form of sport, in which the performance of the vehicles are determined by technical rules ( " Formulas" ) in certain areas to provide approximately the same conditions for competitors. Formula classes are mainly known in motorsports, and there again in Autosport, but also for private aircraft, racing boats and model aircraft sports there are formulas.

Automobile Racing

In motor racing, he is discharged with special single-seater vehicles whose resemblance to production vehicles is limited to a maximum of certain components of the drive or chassis (brand formulas ). A racing car is historically only from the aerodynamically enclosed the driver's seat, the driver and four wheels. Only in the 1960s supplemented wing these vehicles.

The most famous formula racing series is the formula 1, a worldwide series in which to engage many major car manufacturers.

Regulations have been enacted that require individual parts as seriennah to cost containment. So the engine block in the Formula 3 must have a homologation. In the brand formulas engine and transmission from production cars are usually prescribed. In the first brand formula at all, of the formula V, had substantial parts of the suspension from the VW Beetle come.

Due to the global economic problems of recent years the funds for motor sports are becoming increasingly scarce. As a result, just have the expensive formula racing series immense problems so that individual teams, sometimes even have to give up a whole series. The manufacturers often prefer to invest in touring cars, since the identification with the vehicle easier and the cost is much lower.

So enjoy the DTM in Europe and the NASCAR Sprint Cup in the United States now a comparable, sometimes even greater popularity with the fans. In the U.S., the formula racing also has maneuvered by internal squabbles into insignificance. As the Formula 1 teams Absammeln their offspring earlier and earlier from so-called junior series, threatens the entire base to break away. The highest " junior class " for Formula 1 has now become de facto the formula 3, where the cars have only about 150 kW engine power (Formula 1 engines have on the performance reduction in 2006 about 515 kW - previously to over 660). The Formula 3000 in the 1990s still celebrated young designers Formula 1 with own junior teams of all major racing teams and with 330 kW cars, dwindled to a handful of underfunded teams without any TV coverage and was discontinued at end of season 2004. It was replaced by the GP2 Series.

Rim diameter

In almost all formula classes of the Formula of the LO Formula 3 and Formula 1, a single rim diameter of 13 inches is required, but with varying width. One of the known exceptions was the formula V, who was traveling on 15 -inch wheels, just like the VW Beetle.