Formula 3000

The F3000 is a racing category for single-seat, open race car, which was launched as the successor of the hitherto existing formula 2 into life for the 1985 season.

The up to 3000cc big naturally aspirated were limited with an RPM to a maximum of 9000/min. Thus, the maximum power of the motors was approximately 330 kW. The minimum weight of the vehicles was 540 kg, the maximum width of the car was 200 cm. Almost all vehicles were equipped with the Cosworth DFV V8 engine. In addition to " real" F -3000 vehicles from Ralt, March or Lola also numerous modified Formula 1 vehicles of Williams, Tyrrell and Arrows or Formula 2 cars of AGS were brought to the start in the early years.

The first Formula 3000 race took place on March 24, 1985 held at Silverstone and had to Formula 3000 Championship. In the 1990s, the Formula 3000 the established young designers Formula 1 season to the end of 2004 the European Championship but was discontinued due to lack of participants and insufficient TV coverage. Successor was at the initiative of the manufacturer Renault GP2 Series.

National series

In 1987 the Japanese Formula 3000 Championship, the first national race series according to the rules of the formula 3000th From 1996, the name of the series was changed to Formula Nippon. However, the technique remained F3000 very close.

As of 1989, followed by a British Championship, but at times referred to himself as a Formula 2 racing series. After the decline of the European Championship in 2004 there were some based in Italy starts to compete their successor. 2009, there is in addition to the Euro Series 3000 and the Italian championship no pure Formula 3000 championships more. Many vehicles are however still used in hill climbs and at grassroots series.



The most important, represented for many years chassis manufacturers were:

  • March
  • Lola
  • Ralt
  • Reynard

In addition, provided some smaller manufacturers in individual years own chassis, which in turn were used in some races. These were:


  • Cosworth
  • Judd
  • Mugen
  • Zytek