Group GT3

The GT3 is a group launched by the FIA ​​in 2006 vehicle category in motorsport. It is reserved for Gran Turismo vehicles, which are matched by the FIA ​​on a performance level.


In accordance with the rules of the 24 - hour race at Le Mans a category GT3 was announced with the founding of the BPR Global GT Series in addition to the GT1, GT2 and GT4. Eligible were next Porsche Cup cars of the 911 Carrera and 968 Turbo also brand trophy vehicles of Venturi and Ferrari. In the course of expanding the series with races in the Asian region, this category was not discharged together with the GT4 from 1996. In turn, allowed a number of national GT championships, the continued use of these race cars. However, the name and registered vehicles from country to country. That was the name the category in the UK Cup, continue GT3 Trophy in France and in Spain. In other GT series a corresponding class was not advertised or had to start together with more powerful vehicles.

Furthermore existed in Europe several independent brand cups for cheaper GT cars: the Trofeo Maserati Europe, the Ferrari Challenge and Porsche Carrera Cup at the national and international level ( Porsche Supercup ). Especially used in the Carrera Cup Porsche 996 GT3 achieved an immense spread in the national mass sports.

Due to this fact own GT3 European Championship with a set of regulations adopted by the FIA was launched in 2006. There, not only the vehicles already mentioned were authorized to start. Some manufacturers now also developed special new GT race cars that were not derived from one-make cups. For example, Aston Martin or Ascari. A number of national championships took over the rules of the GT3 and exiled in return, until then allowed and comparatively expensive GT1 and GT2 cars. Also GT series overseas, such as Australia and Brazil took over the rules previously used mainly in Europe. Despite the general success shrank especially in the British and Belgian GT Championship the starting field over the previously fairly permissive years. With the entry of several car manufacturers since 2008 also exploded the costs. So the cost of a Cup Porsche 2006, around 150,000 euros, a specially adapted to the GT3 Cup S in 2008, however, 300,000 euros. The originally relied on as a reference vehicle Cup Porsche was no longer sufficient competitive over the years and raced in various national championships despite Balance of Performance now back in a separate category. On the other hand penetrated used and new vehicles at the grassroots level, in Germany, for example, in the VLN Endurance Championship Nürburgring. While able to provide with strong GT3 starting grids in the organized by the SRO Motorsports Group series of the European Championship and the newly created Blancpain Endurance Series, stagnated discharged with GT1 cars FIA GT1 World Championship. Therefore, the 2012 World Championships changed to the technical regulations of the GT3. The group thus GT3 is currently the only advertised by the FIA ​​GT category.


Was in the FIA ​​GT Championship held as a GT class to some races of the FIA ​​GT Championship vehicles of category N- GT were already admitted 2009 was a year of transition: it was driven by the rules of the previous years, but there were also vehicles of regulations 2010 approved

Racing series

  • FIA GT Series (formerly FIA GT1 World Championship)
  • FIA GT3 European Championship
  • Blancpain Endurance Series
  • International GT Open
  • European Le Mans Series
  • ADAC GT Masters ( Germany )
  • German GT Championship
  • Australian GT Championship
  • Belgian GT Championship ( formerly Belcar )
  • Brazilian GT Championship
  • British GT Championship
  • French GT Championship
  • Italian GT Championship
  • Spanish GT Championship
  • Super GT ( with adjustments in the GT300 class)

Technical Regulations

The technical regulations of the European GT3 is described by Article 257A in Appendix J of the International Sporting Code. Weight and tire sizes and the size of the air volume and boost pressure control are centrally set by the FIA ​​, to ensure equal opportunities for all members of the group GT3. At the beginning of each season, all manufacturers will be invited to a comparative test of the FIA ​​GT3 for all vehicles to match. Here, the Cup - Porsche was the reference vehicle in the early years, currently sets the FIA established a level of performance on the basis of the vehicles used.

Rolling stock

The vehicles that want to start in the group GT3, must be officially homologated by the FIA first.