Venturi Automobiles

Venturi Automobiles in Monaco is a manufacturer of exclusive sports cars in small series and electric cars.

Foundation and History

The Monegasque entrepreneurs and venture investor Gildo Pastor Pallanca bought the 2000 bankrupt firm Venturi Paris SA for the equivalent of $ 500,000 ( € 255,600 ) on. The production model whose Venturi 300 Atlantique was continued in a plant near Nice until 2001. Then appeared the new Venturi Fétish. With the Fétish wants Pastor, along with his 15- köpfigem team, away from the image as a Porsche competitor and at an exclusive, expensive and unique low-volume producers. Initially the Fétish should serve as a cheap base, these plans were discarded.

Activity in the area of ​​electric cars

  • In the basic models Peugeot Partner and Citroen Berlingo Venturi is operated as equiment of production vehicles to electric drive. The vehicle won a standing on a larger scale made ​​by the French Post. Between May and July 2010, with a slightly modified version, the Berlingo First "powered by Venturi", which is about 14000 km long route Shanghai - covered Paris, thus setting a course record for series-production electric vehicles.
  • The built in cooperation with the Ohio State University and named in reference to the first road car with over 100 km / h Venturi Jamais Contente set speed records for electric cars: 2009 with an average of 487 km / h ( based on fuel cells ), 2010 average of over 495 km / h, in the top 515 km / h ( based on batteries).
  • 2013 founded Gildo Pastor Pallanca, along with U.S. Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, the team Venturi Grand Prix Formula E. This is 2014 in the newly established racing series Formula D at the start.

Rolling stock

  • To 2001 Venturi 300 Atlantique, 207-228 kW ( 281-310 hp), 158,000 DM (about € 80,780 )
  • 2003 Venturi Fétish prototype, 132 kW ( 180 hp ), 35,000 €
  • 2004 Venturi Fétish Roadster, 220 kW ( 300 hp), 600,000 €, electric motor
  • 2006 Venturi Héritage GT3, 450 PS
  • 2008 Venturi Volage prototype, four 55 kW (electric wheel hub motors )
  • Venturi Eclectic, solar vehicle
  • Venturi Astrolabe, solar hybrid vehicle