FIA Formula E Championship

The formula E is a formula racing series for cars with electric motor (hence the formula E), which is currently being planned by Alejandro Agag promoter on behalf of FIA. It was launched on the initiative of Jean Todt and is planned to be held from September 2014 worldwide on city courses.

Rolling stock

In the debut season 2014/2015 occur every team with the same vehicle, the Spark Renault SRT_01E. The built by the company Spark Racing Technology vehicles are powered by an electric motor, the same as the transmission and the vehicle electronics from McLaren Electronic Systems, a subsidiary of McLaren Group, dates and a maximum of 200 kW (272 hp). The top speed of the vehicles is limited to 225 km / h.

The chassis produced by Dallara. As a technical partner of the Renault racing series was announced, the batteries are provided by Williams Advanced Engineering available.

The presentation of the Spark Renault SRT_01E took place at the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 10, 2013.

The operating costs of the vehicles are limited, in the season 2014/2015, the cars will be provided to the teams by handing a portion of the sponsorship revenue available. Chassis and the aerodynamics of the vehicles are given, only in the area of batteries and motors, there will be further developments during the season.

However, the racing series will no longer be a unit series in the second season, other manufacturers should be able to homologized vehicles for participation in the championship. The manufacturers, however, are forced to put their vehicles and at least two other teams, so-called customer teams, is available. The British company Blue Bird announced to work on a private vehicle for the formula E, which is to be used by Blue Bird itself. However, should also be a maximum of 16 vehicles will be built for customer teams.


All tires of formula-E - vehicles come from a unit suppliers, for the debut season Michelin could be won as a supplier. However, it is with the tires not slicks, but the idea of ​​sustainability, the following formula E to profiled all season tire.

Unlike in the Formula 1, low profile tires used in the formula I, which have a diameter of 18 inches. Each rider has three sets of tires per weekend available, two of which are new. The third set of tires must have been used at the last race and in the last test runs. Different tire compounds it is not, also tire change (except in the case of a puncture ) is prohibited during the race.


Per team, there are two drivers and four cars. The number of team staff during a race day is strictly limited, the teams are only allowed two race engineers, a data engineer, four mechanics and one team leader who. This number is controlled by the number of passes that will be provided to each team for access to the paddock available. The driver and the crew serving the motor, are not included.

In July 2013 a budget ceiling of 2.5 million euros per first team was announced, which was later corrected to 3 million U.S. dollars ( 2.2 million euros ) and only applies to the operations of the team.


The races are held on street circuits in major cities, a range should be between 2.5 and 3 kilometers long.

In September 2013, the FIA released the provisional race calendar for the 2014/2015 season, the final calendar with ten events was announced in December 2013. For the upcoming seasons an extension of the calendar to two races each scheduled.

The end of race day

The plans published so far see the following sequence of race day ago:

  • Morning: Free training
  • Late morning: In qualifying, everyone drives with two cars each have a qualifying round.
  • Evening: The race is scheduled to last approximately 50 minutes, each driver performs two pit stops to change in a charged car. This 100 m, the driver must continually put back on the new vehicle.

In free practice and qualifying afford the cars 200 kW ( 272 hp ) in the race only 133 kW ( 181 hp). However, there is a "push -to-pass " system, each driver is given the opportunity during the race to increase the power temporarily to 200 kW (272 hp). It is intended to identify a voting in social media in the week before a race total of five drivers, where additional " push to pass " will be made available, but can not be used in the final laps of a race.