Ohio State University

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The Ohio State University ( OSU) is one of the largest universities in the United States, consisting of the main campus, which is located in Columbus and the secondary campuses in Lima, Mansfield, Marion, and Newark.

With 57 466 students ( 2012) and approximately 5,000 employees, the campus is in Columbus 's fourth largest contiguous United States (2012 ). The Ohio State University is one of the most prestigious public universities in the United States, called a Public Ivy. She is particularly noted for their language sciences, teaching and art courses and is the U.S. News According to one of the twenty best public universities in the U.S. and the best in Ohio. She is also a member of the Association of American Universities, an existing association of leading research-intensive since 1900, North American universities. Their motto is " Disciplina in civitatem ".

The Ohio State University should not be confused with Ohio University.


The Ohio State University was founded in 1870 under the name Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College and is also open to students since 1873. The University was originally located at the northern edge of Columbus in an agricultural area. Therefore at first the only degrees in mechanical and agricultural training should be awarded. 1878 Education offer was extended to other areas, which meant that the university changed its name frequently, until they finally took its present name.

Until 1998, the OSU ran the radio telescope The Big Ear, the largest and longest-lived radio telescope SETI project. 1977 made ​​it to the reception of the Wow signal even international attention.


The sports teams of the university ( English for " horse chestnut " ) called Buckeyes and participate in Division I of the NCAA. Your mascot is called Brutus. Sporting events - especially football games - commonly found in Ohio Stadium instead, which is known as Horseshoe because of its horseshoe shape in the vernacular and provides more than 100,000 spectators.

Basketball Super Talent Greg Oden decided last year to take advantage of the Buckeyes as his springboard to the NBA, and made ​​the team overnight to Final Four contender.

The Swiss Football national team Lara Dickmann completed by 2008 to study economics and played next in football team of the University.

The three-time national record holder in swimming, Stefan Sigrist from Schaffhausen, completed by 2010 as Lara Dickmann an economic and political science studies and coached by the way in the Varsity Swim Team. In 2010, he won the Big 10 Championships with the Buckeyes.

Media OSU

The Ohio State University operates next to her, the public television station PBS related, television station, WOSU - TV the two radio stations WOSU -AM and WOSU -FM ( supported by NPR and BBC). Since 2003, the TV program is broadcast in HDTV. The university newspaper named The Lantern ( German: " The Lantern" ). The university also produces the literary magazine Mosaic. Apart from the official media of the university, there are also operated by student media such as the radio station The Underground, but which is broadcast due to lack of availability of broadcasting frequencies exclusively on the Internet, and the television station Buckeye TV, which aired mainly on the university's cable network. Also, the monthly newspaper The Sentinel ( German: The Guard) is marketed by students, but does not reach the dissemination of The Lantern.

Known graduates



  • Frank Schmalleger