Final Four

The term Final Four is used in the field of sport and referred to the finals of a tournament competition.

At a Final Four tournament take part four teams, with the winner to determine the tournament winner and thus the winner of the competition from the semi-finals in the subsequent final. As a special feature to the semi-final and final matches in other competitions find the encounters within two days, usually on a weekend instead. For this reason, one speaks of a playoff weekend. On the first day of the semi-finals will be played on the second day the game for third place and the final. In some competitions the game omitted for third place.

The Final Four has its origin in the U.S. University Sports Association National Collegiate Athletic Association ( NCAA). Here is a four finals was held on a weekend under the name Final Four in the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship for the first time. A game for the third place is not here.

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