The FIBA Euro Challenge is a full registered under the auspices of FIBA Europe competition for European club basketball teams of men. It forms part of the discharged annually Basketball European Cup behind the ULEB Euro League ULEB Eurocup and the, the third most important of all competitions.


After the run by FIBA Europe Champions Cup was discontinued in 2001 and the ULEB Euro League successfully launched a year earlier, the FIBA founded the 2002 season the EuroCup Challenge, which was discontinued in 2007.

For the season 2003/ 04 FIBA created another European Cup. As Europe League today's Euro Challenge started its operations. After two seasons completed, the name of the competition in 2005 was amended in EuroCup. In agreement with FIBA ​​, the ULEB changed to the name of their ULEB Cup ULEB Eurocup in, whereupon the FIBA their tournament from now fought out as Euro Challenge. In order for the Euro Challenge is the only competition for men, which is headed by FIBA ​​and insignificant, as the top teams in each country compete by the three European club competitions in basketball in the Euro League or in the EuroCup.

Current game mode

The Euro Challenge is played wiefolgt from the 2013/14 season:

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Historic game modes

In each been discharged Euro Challenge the final round consisted of a quarter-final and the final Final Four.

The mode of the group stage, the organizers changed several times. Large differences from the group stage, there were practiced today in the first two seasons, as was with two sevens and two groups of eight, the best four teams reached the second round played.


* The " Most Valuable Player " (MVP) in each case was one of the winning team of the " Final Four " at tournament.


  • State of Statistics: March 26, 2014

To date, no association has repeatedly won the Euro Challenge. With Krasnye Krylia Samara there is a club of twice reached the final.