BC Krka

KK Krka is a Slovenian basketball club (Slovenian košarkarski club ) from Novo mesto. He currently plays in the first Slovenian league.


The club was founded in 1948. Not until 1963 was a asphalted field available. 1971, reached the summit in the first Slovenian League ( the highest regional league was about only the first and second All-Yugoslav league). 1977, the rise was achieved in the second All-Yugoslav League. Six years later, the Slovenian championship to be won (Regional Conditional).

The late eighties to early nineties, the club went into an economic crisis from which he only recovered in 1992.

After the collapse of Yugoslavia they played in the second Slovenian League in 1997 before they could gain promotion to the first division. A year later, they reached the Korac Cup with a good placement in the league. A year later they recorded the largest to date club success in which one skilled in the Korac Cup for the 1/16-Finale in which you resigned to the eventual final winners FC Barcelona.

In the year 1999/2000 the club was for the first time Slovenian champion. In the cup it was third, reaching the European Super League. The following year, the club was twice vice, both in the cup and in the championship.

2001/ 02 the club playing for the first time in the Euro League, after the qualifying round was over. In the same year the club participates for the first time at the Goodyear League.

2002/ 03 the club playing in the ULEB Cup and reached there even the Final Four. At the Slovenian League, the club is the second time champion.

2004/ 05 different ' KK Krka ' from the Goodyear League again. Reason for this is both sporty and economic grievances.

Also in the Slovenian League, the club has difficulties. The new club management approaches 2005 with new sponsors to organize the club again and the descent is you just escaped so.

2006/ 07 to stabilize the club and achieved in the Slovenian League, the final eight and gains the sixth place.

2008/2009 KK Krka played in the NLB League.


  • Master Slovenia: 2000, 2003
  • Euro Challenge: 2011