BC Khimki

The BK Khimki (Russian Баскетбольный клуб Химки, Basketbolny club Khimki ) is a professional basketball club of Professional Well Basketbolnaja league. The association comes from Khimki in the Moscow Oblast in Russia. BK Khimki plays in the VTB United League.


BK Khimki was founded in 1997. After passage through the lower leagues, the team was relegated from the 1999/2000 season on the highest Russian league. Another year later, the club qualified for the first time a European competition, the Korać Cup. The first successes at national level stood from the season 2005/06. This season, the club always occupied in the next seven years in the Russian Cup a place among the top four. Here BK Khimki was five times second (2006, 2008-2011) and third once (2007). In December 2008, BK Khimki reached the final against CSKA Moscow in the VTB United League PromoCup. Also in 2008, BK Khimki became the first national title in the Russian Cup final against CSKA Moscow. In the 2009/10 season Khimki played for the first time in the ULEB Euro League. In subsequent years, BK Khimki won the first international title by winning the VTB United League 2010/ 11 and the ULEB Eurocup 2011/12.



  • VTB United League: Winner 2011
  • Russian Cup winner: 2008
  • ULEB Cup / Eurocup: 2012
  • ULEB Eurocup: Finalist 2009