Maccabi Tel Aviv B.C.

The basketball team Maccabi Tel Aviv sprang from the sports association Maccabi Tel Aviv, the largest sports club of Israel, as HaRishon LeZiyyon in Jaffa had its origin in 1906. Based in the Mediterranean city of Tel Aviv team is one of five European Cup victories for top performance in Europe.

Maccabi Tel Aviv also operates other sports such as judo, handball and volleyball. Special emphasis deserves the football team that won the national champion of Asia Cup twice. Details of these sports can the overview page Maccabi Tel Aviv and Maccabi Tel Aviv side ( football) are removed.

Maccabi " Electra " Tel Aviv ( Until the 2007/08 season Maccabi " Elite " Tel Aviv) ( Hebrew: מכבי תל - אביב ) is one of the best basketball teams in Europe, which won the European Champions Cup five times. Since 1969, the food group was "elite " of the main sponsor, whose name has become part of the club's name. With the 2008/ 09 season, the main sponsor was changed. This is now the Israeli manufacturer of elevators "Elektra". The team is jointly owned by Fedanco Limited, RK Maccabi Ltd. ( Mr. Raanan Katz), Newco Sports Ltd.. and Naphtali S. S. Investments Ltd..

The club won 50 national titles ( including 23 consecutively in the years 1970 to 1992)., And was 38 times the national cup winner Since 1977 the club won five times European Champions League and was seven times second.

The club began in the 1930s with the basketball. 1954 you won the first Israeli title in the newly formed league. Since then, the club never finished a worse than third place in this league.

1958 took place the first international game. By August 2005, the team played international 577 times and won 359 of them games. 1977 Maccabi won the first international cup the Championship Cup, the club also won in 1981. In May 2004, they won the final of the Euro League and the following year again; in 2006, the club lost the final against CSKA Moscow.

2005 met Maccabi Tel Aviv in a friendly match on the NBA club the Toronto Raptors. Anthony Parker scored in this game, the decisive point and leads Tel Aviv to victory. Maccabi Tel Aviv was the first European team to beat an NBA team in North America.


  • Intercontinental Cup: 1981
  • European Cup: 5 ULEB Euro League: 2004, 2005
  • Suproleague: 2001
  • European Champion Clubs' Cup: 1977, 1981

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