Small Forward

Small Forward (English to German " winger ", literally "little Forward " ) is a position title in the sport of basketball. Alternatively, it is also referred to as forward wing. It is part of the front Courts, which also includes power forward and center are. In today's NBA, the playing style of the Small Forwards similar but more the shooting guard.


The term "forward " comes from the time when the sport of basketball than you, the players - one hurried to attacker ( forwards) and defender ( Guards ) - as in football. The Forward is primarily responsible for the points namely by pulling to the basket. The division into small and power forward exists in this form only since the 1970s. Previously, we did not distinguish the two wingers, but gave them similar tasks, which more resembled the task field of today's small forwards. For the majority of NBA teams of the 1960s and earlier therefore usually two very similar on the 3 and 4, such as the Philadelphia 76ers with Chet Walker and Billy Cunningham.

Today, the small forward scores usually by train to the basket or by jetting into the middle distance, therefore normally be required of him good ball handling and a good throw. The small forward is, as well as the power forward, smaller than the center, according to today's NBA are both scale but still 2.00 meters tall. Classic Small Forwards by now a standard definition are, for example, Grant Hill, Paul Pierce and Scottie Pippen. Other well-known Small Forwards in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame are Elgin Baylor, Rick Barry, John Havlicek, Julius Erving, James Worthy and Larry Bird.

Since Small Forwards generally have a good combination of physical strength and sprint speed, there are among them outspoken defensive all-rounder. You can defend multiple positions effectively. Lakers small forward Michael Cooper, who in 1987 won the NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award, always covered the opponent's best wing or point guard. In the same niche include Ron Artest of the DPOY Award 2004 won and the eight-time All-Defensive team members Robert Clyde Jones and Bruce Bowen, which can range from power forward to point guard cover everything.

There are in addition to the classic small forward a variety of players, which can not be accurately classified as a small or power forward. They are called combo forwards or as a tweener (of English. Between Two positions ). These players usually have the size of power forwards, but the skills of small forwards, which makes them highly versatile. Examples of Tweener are Antawn Jamison and Rashard Lewis. In the opposite case ( small forward size and power forward skills ), players usually have little chance to establish himself in the NBA. A rare exception is Charles Barkley.

Another variation is the point forwards. This is a small forward with the skills of a point guard. The most famous example is LeBron James.