FIBA EuroCup Challenge

The FIBA EuroCup Challenge was a competition for European club basketball teams of men, which was organized by FIBA ​​Europe. He is not to be confused with the played parent competition, which has acted as EuroCup between 2005 and 2008 and has since been referred to as Euro Challenge.

In the first season 2002/ 03 he was the third most important, from the 2003/04 season is the fourth most important European competition behind the ULEB Euro League, ULEB Cup and the FIBA Euro Challenge.

The competition was popular especially in Central and Eastern European countries where basketball has a high value, but for which insufficient were starting places in the competitions of the ULEB available.


The competition was held for the first time as Europe Champions Cup in season 2002/ 03. The athletic role was initially unclear, as ULEB and FIBA could not agree. As the top teams of the respective leagues but participated in the Euro League or the ULEB Cup, the EuroCup Challenge had the lowest value.

For the 2003/04 season, the tournament was now called Europe Cup, continued to lose importance, since the individual organizations now anmeldeten their better teams in the Euro Challenge the Fiba started the operation of its second European Cup, the Euro Challenge, which resulted in the Europe Cup. So, for example, sent Greece in the first season still five teams in the EuroCup Challenge in the race, in the following season, then none more. For the season 2005/ 06 the name change followed in EuroCup Challenge.