CSU Asesoft Ploiești

CSU Asesoft Ploieşti is a Romanian basketball club from Ploieşti. It is the only club from Romania, ever to win a European Cup. 2005 won the FIBA EuroCup Challenge the club. In addition Asesoft won eight times the national championship and six times the national cup.


The club was founded in 1998. Asesoft lit with the establishment of the goal to dominate the Romanian Basketball henceforth. Not least because, for Romanian conditions, payment joyful sponsors, this was achieved relatively quickly. Six years after the birth of the club they won for the first time Divizia A. This was followed by six more titles profits in series, accompanied by six Cup victories.

In addition Asesoft managed historic 2005 when you could win a European Cup first and so far also the only Romanian basketball club. By a narrow 75:74 win in the final against locomotive Rostov one was winner of the FIBA EuroCup Challenge now set.

Only in the season 2010/11 CS Universitatea Cluj-Napoca Mobi Telco could stop the flood of national titles CSU. The following year, the club was but again, for the eighth time Romanian champions. In the 2012/13 season, the ninth championship was won.


The club plays its home games from the comprehensive 3000 places Olimpia Sports Hall.


  • 9x Romanian Champion
  • 6x Romanian Cup Winners

Known player

  • Macedonia Vladimir Kuzmanovic
  • Montenegro Nikola Bulatović
  • United States Kevin Burleson
  • United States Kevin Ford
  • United States Rashard Griffith