JDA Dijon Basket

2011/12: 9th place

Jeanne d'Arc Dijon Bourgogne is a French basketball club from Dijon in the Burgundy region. The first professional team plays since direct resurgence again in 2011 in the top domestic league championship LNB Pro A, you already heard between 1990 and 2010. At national level, won the French Cup and the Supercup competition between champion and cup winner in 2006, while at the international level the finals of the 2004 FIBA EuroCup Challenge fourth division was the greatest success. The final in the EuroCup Challenge then lost against the German representatives MBC Weissenfels.


The rest of the club was founded in 1880 and named after the French national heroine Joan of Arc. In basketball, they managed in 1990 made ​​it into the highest national league, which you then twenty years continuously belonged. While the youth team in the 1990s was five times to win the national championship, the men's team won in 2004 after the League Cup victory in 1993 with the successor competition " Semaine de As" another national competition. In the same year participated in the second staging of the FIBA EuroCup Challenge part, after they had participated in the 1990s several times on Korać Cup, and reached the Final Four tournament this competition. After a narrow victory in the semi-final against the hosts Tuborg Pilsener SK of Izmir, they lost the final against the German representatives MBC Weissenfels with 68-84. This contest was discontinued after five sweeps in 2007 already. 2006 reached to his greatest national success than you after winning the national cup competition and the Supercup match at Masters Le Mans Sarthe Basket with a point of difference could win. 2010 followed by the first relegation from the top division, but in the House per the Ligue Nationale de Basket B could be in the play- offs for promotion to reach the final and win the direct resurgence. In the first season 2011/12 after returning to the top flight Pro A man just missed the play-offs for the championship, where the regional rival Élan Sportif Chalonnaise was able to secure his first championship.

Known player

  • France Yakhouba Diawara 2000/ 01, 2005 /06
  • United States Malcolm Mackey 2001/ 02
  • United States Rick Hughes 2002/ 03
  • Belgium Dimitri Lauwers 2002-2004
  • Senegal / Germany Boniface N'dong 2003-2005
  • Canada Rowan Barrett 2003-2005
  • Georgia Viktor Sanikidse 2003-2006
  • Georgia Vakhtang Natswlischwili 2003-2007
  • Benin / France Éric Micoud 2004-2006
  • France Laurent Sciarra 2005-2008
  • Senegal Maleye N'Doye 2005-2008
  • Ivory Coast Mouloukou Diabaté 2006-2009
  • United States Terrell Everett 2007/ 08
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Damir Krupalija 2007-2010
  • United States Reggie Williams 2008/ 09
  • Democratic Republic of Congo / France Charles Lombahe - Kahudi 2008/ 09
  • United States Eric Chatfield 2008/ 09
  • United States Nick Fazekas 2009/10
  • France / Senegal Xane d' Almeida 2009/10
  • United States Sean Marshall 2009/10, 2011/12
  • France Thierry Rupert 2011/12

Former coach