Le Mans Sarthe Basket

2011/12: 2nd place

2011/12: Gr. F 3rd place

Le Mans Sarthe Basket is a professional basketball club, which was founded in 1939 from the Sporting Club Modern Le Mans (in short: SCM Le Mans) in 1993 has been established in the French city of Le Mans out. The club is also abbreviated as MSB.


SCM Le Mans (until 1993 )

A native of Reims Bernard Gasnal suggested in 1938 the creation of a work of the Association, as he already knew from his hometown. The club was founded as Goulou Club Sportif initially formed a football team. In 1942 those types of clubs were prohibited by law, the club was founded as Sporting Club Modern or short SCM Le Mans again, with SCM also an acronym for the Société des Comptoirs Modern is a food manufacturer and the employer of most of the former club members. As Gasnal 1943 returned from captivity, he was able to achieve the establishment of basketball teams, the women were initially more successful than the men who were decimated by the Second World War. Therefore, the first national title won the women's 1952.

The men's team succeeded in 1963, the promotion to the top French league - at that time National League 1 -, the 1964 followed by the first Cup victory. Head of the team in the 60s was Christian Baltzer and coach Justy Specker. With player-coach Baltzer followed the vice-championship and the cup final in 1970 another runner-up in 1974, until the time of 1977/78 bis 1982/83 six very successful seasons followed, where one (three times) was either champion (three times) or runner-up. The first two championships were Baltzer, who took over as president of Gasnal, and the U.S. coach Bill Sweek won, a graduate of UCLA and NCAA champion, who had learned under legendary coach John Wooden. Both joined in 1979 by their posts back, but the subsequent coach Bob Purkisher SCM could keep on the right track and 1982 to reach a third title before he died in the summer of the same year in a car accident.

Then you could at first do not celebrate more successes, but had to let what ( today: Pro B ) 1987 in relegation to the National League 1B due to financial problems players like Stéphane Ostrowski resulted. There in 1990 succeeded the championship and the resurgence. The club struggled thereafter to the sporty survival in the top flight and stayed in 1993 before the establishment of the professional organization MSB. Actually only by the demotion of any other club in the league

MSB ( since 1993)

In the first season, the National League 1A could be held only by the league expansion and introduction of the Pro A. The construction of the new hall Antares, which was inaugurated in September 1995, but marked the arrival of the club to new success. In 1997, with the fourth place in the championship for a long time once again to qualify for a European competition. The 1.70 m large American and former NBA player Keith " Mister " Jennings was elected in the jersey of MSB best scorer and Most Valuable Player of the Pro A 1999. But MSB stagnated and, as in 2000, took over Alan Weisz, the coach of the first successes of MSB, the national, the future seemed uncertain.

Successor Weisz was his former assistant Vincent Collet, himself a former player of SCM in the 80s and post-emergence. Collet was to remain until 2008 trainer and could revive the team's new. Led by only 1.63 m wide Shawnta Rogers was reached in the championship and a third place Collet was voted best coach of the 2000/2001 season in the Pro A. The jump to the very top, past the domierenden at this time EB Pau - Orthez teams of ASVEL Lyon- Villeurbanne and, but did not succeed. In the 2003 /04 season could be the best young player Pape Amagou and the best rebounder the league Rashon Turner but for the first time since 1964 to regain the trophy and Collet was again the best coach in the league. The following year, would retire as main round first already in play - off quarter- final against SLUC Nancy Basket. In the following season 2005/2006 we made ​​it better and reached the main round, the fifth play-off final. This time they beat Nancy, what the fourth championship meant. In addition, they won the League Cup this year. Although Nicolas Batum in the following two years the biggest rising star of the league ( Meilleur espoir ) was chosen, it was only enough to front places, but no titles.

2008 J. D. took over the Franco-Canadian Jackson, even players with MSB from 1999 to 2006, as coach. He succeeded in his first season both Cup and League Cup victory and Alain Koffi was the best French players in the league. In the seasons 2006 /07 to 2008/ 09 could be three times qualify for the main round of the ULEB Euro League, but dropped out before the second round always. In the 2009/10 season was even in the first qualifying round against the German representatives Alba Berlin terminus, so you had to start in the ULEB Eurocup again.

Current squad

Known player

  • France Christian Baltzer 1961-1972
  • France Claude Gasnal 1966-1979
  • United States Type Kenney 1968-1972
  • France Jacky Lamothe 1971-1982
  • France Eric Beugnot 1972-1984
  • United States Lloyd King 1973-1976
  • France Hervé Dubuisson 1975-1980
  • United States / France Bill Cain 1975-1983
  • France Gregor Beugnot 1978-1984
  • United States / France Bob Wymbs 1982-1986
  • France Stéphane Ostrowski 1983-1985
  • United States Keith Jennings 1996-1999
  • United States Shawnta Rogers 2000-2003
  • Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 1992/Osterreich Neno Ašćerić 2000-2003
  • France Pape -Philippe Amagou 2001-2007
  • France Alain Koffi 2001-2009, since 2010
  • Mali / France Amara Sy 2002-2005
  • Croatia Sandro Nicević 2002-04/2006-07
  • United States Hollis Price 2003-2005
  • United States Rahshon Turner 2003-2005
  • France Yannick Bokolo 2003-2008
  • United States Kenny Gregory 2005-2007
  • France Nicolas Batum 2005-2008
  • Montenegro Nebojša Bogavac 2006-2008
  • United States Zack Wright 2009-2010
  • United States Marc Salyers 2009-2010
  • Greece Michalis Kakiouzis 2010-2011
  • United States Alex Acker 2010-2012
  • United States Taylor Rochestie 2011-2012
  • United States Khalid El- Amin 2012-2013
  • France / Senegal Pape Sy since 2012

Coach MSB ( since 1993)