Balkan International Basketball League

Balkan International Basketball League ( BIBL ) is an international club competition between basketball teams from the Southeast European Balkans. In contrast to the geographical distribution, since the beginning of the 2008 competition take part here also teams from Romania, while teams from Turkey have not yet participated. 2011, teams from Israel were added, while first time in 2012 also took part in a team from Greece. In particular, because of the overlap of the participating countries from the former Yugoslavia and Israel in the Adriatic Basketball Association, the Balkan League is also seen as little sister of the Adriatic League. Title sponsor of the Balkan League since its inaugural tournament in 2008/ 09, the Bulgarian Insurance Group Euro Hold. Sports director of the League is the former FIBA referee Shtriks Shay, who also served as one of the brains behind the league.

  • 3.1 2009: Arena Samokov ( 24-25 March ).
  • 3.2 2010: Universiada Hall Sofia ( 13./15 April. )
  • 3.3 2011: Jasmine Hall Kavadarci ( 15./17 April. )
  • 3.4 2012: Gan Ner Sports Hall ( 21./23 April. )
  • 3.5 2013: Arena Samokov ( 19./21 April. )


The Balkan League plays a major round in two groups, where within these groups in the "round robin" system is played.

Nahmer part numbers

Between ten teams ( 2008/ 09, 2010/11 and since 2012 /13) and twelve teams (2009/ 10, 2011 /12).

Second round / quarterfinals

By 2010, a quarter final was played in each group in the mode return match of the top four teams. This was followed twice by 2012 a quarter final in a play-off series in which only the respective runners crossed competed against the respective third group, while the group winners were already qualified for the final round.

From the season 2012/13, a second round was introduced, in which the three best in each group playing off a round-robin tournament, while retaining the results with each other against the three best teams in the other group. The two at the bottom -placed teams played in a group while maintaining the results with each other a round-robin tournament against the two lowest-ranked teams in the other group.

Final round

The top four teams after the Second Round / the quarter-finals play a " Final Four " tournament from the knockout system on a weekend. The pairings arise here by the results of the preliminary round (at a quarter-final mode ) or from the second round. From this mode is made ​​if the semi-finals just two teams come from one participating country. In this case, these two teams compete in a semifinal against each other. A " small final " for third place is not provided.


At the league usually take some teams from the top national leagues of the participating countries, who have not qualified for the main round of a continental club competition. In the countries that start with their teams in the Adriatic League, take part the better teams in the Adriatic League, in which case start these teams in continental European competitions, while the worse -placed teams can participate in the Balkan League.

The field is made up in terms of participating countries so far composed as follows:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina: a team ( 2010-2012 )
  • Bulgaria: two teams ( since 2011; previously three and 2009/ 10, four )
  • Greece: a team (2012 /13)
  • Israel Israel: a team (2011/ 12, two )
  • Kosovo Kosovo: two teams (since 2013)
  • Croatia: A Team 2010/ 11 and 2012/13
  • Macedonia Macedonia: two teams (2010/11 only )
  • Montenegro Montenegro: two teams (since 2009)
  • Romania Romania: a team ( up to 2012 two)
  • Serbia Serbia: a team (until 2013; 2008/ 09 three, 2009/10 and 2011/ 12, two )

Final rounds

In the Final Four tournament by the hosts have not been very welcoming and took advantage of the respective home-field advantage for tournament and championship success.

2009: Arena Samokov ( 24-25 March ).

2010: Universiada Hall Sofia ( 13./15 April. )

2011: Jasmine Hall Kavadarci ( 15./17 April. )

2012: Gan Ner Sports Hall ( 21./23 April. )

2013: Arena Samokov ( 19./21 April. )

Pictures of Balkan International Basketball League