The DFB Futsal Cup is the unofficial German Futsal Championship. The tournament was first held in 2006. The first winner was the UFC Münster, who is also the record holder is equipped with two tournament victories, along with SD Croatia Berlin and Hamburg Panthers. The tournament is refereed by referees after DFB Futsal rules.


From 2006 to 2009, the tournament was played with eight teams. These were played in two groups, each with four teams. Stations were previously Göttingen ( 2006), Heidenheim an der Brenz (2007) and Mülheim an der Ruhr (2008 /2009). First time in 2010 in Cottbus the final in the Final Four mode has been played. The winner is the SD Croatia Berlin the championship. 2011 was played in the ring arena at the Nürburgring, the same mode and this time SD Croatia Berlin won the cup.

You play a game of two halves of 20 minutes each. At interruptions, the time is stopped.


In the media, the DFB Futsal Cup is still largely ignored. 2010 reported dfb.tv a few days after the tournament from the games. The Lusatian Rundschau dealt comprehensively contrast to the competition, since both the venue and the publishing house of the Lusatian Rundschau in Cottbus was.

2011 could see the two semi-finals, the 3rd place match, insert the game between the DFB Allstars team and the Croatian national futsal and the subsequent Final live via a stream on dfb.tv. It attacked some 3,000 people back to this site.


As part of the DFB Futsal Cup 2010, played for the first time a German all-star selection in a kind of international game. There, the German team lost with 0-4 against the experienced Polish team, which contested the first time ever at the World Championships in 1992 and reached the second round. A German national futsal team does not yet exist, but it should be loud DFB planned.

2011 is again used to gather the opportunity order within the DFB Futsal Cup experience with existing Futsal national teams. This time, played the DFB Allstars team against the Croatian national futsal team, lost but clearly 1:11.



On 8 and 9 April 2006 in the hall at the Godehardtstraße in Göttingen, the first Germany -wide competition in the international Futsal indoor soccer variant. After 2001, the DFB Cup Hall has been set, it was since the first unofficial German Championship in indoor football.

For the tournament, eight teams qualified: Eintracht Frankfurt and SB 1860 Rosenheim as South German Champion and runner-up, the RSV 05 Göttingen as North German master, SVC Kastellaun as West German champion Bayer Uerdingen Niederrheinischer master, the host SVG Göttingen 07, FSV Green - White Blank grove as East German champion and the UFC Münster as West German champions.

The eight teams played in two groups of four against each other for the semi-final places, the Bayer Uerdingen, the UFC Münster, Eintracht Frankfurt and the host SVG Göttingen have won. Münster sat down 2-1 2-0 against Frankfurt and Göttingen Uerdingen by. The subsequent small and large Finals had to be decided in each 6 -meter shooting. Frankfurt took a 8-7 for third place. Munster won 3-1 the first DFB Futsal Cup.

Through this unofficial German Championship to teams from Germany could participate in has been held since 2001/ 02 UEFA Futsal Cup. Munster won it against three other teams in the preliminary round Group D of the tournament two points difference with the thus achieved third place.


On 20 and 21 April 2007, the 2nd edition of the DFB Futsal Cup was conducted. Only the last year's champion UFC Münster and Uerdingen could qualify again. The six other teams, team Heidenheim, VfV Hildesheim, SC Persia Hamburg, Futsal Team New Hagen, 1 MKFC Karlsruhe, FV Bad Vilbel, FV Eppelborn and Futsal Panthers Münster were newcomers.

Like last year, the semi-final opponent was played in two groups of four. Hildesheim, Heidenheim, Uerdingen and Eppelborn reached the semi-finals, with Hildesheim 6:1 penetrated against Heidenheim and Eppelborn 3-2 against Uerdingen. The two losers Heidenheim and Uerdingen played for the third place, the 7-6 went to Uerdingen scarce. In the final Eppelborn took a 6-4 against Hildesheim his first DFB Futsal Cup.

This Eppelborn was qualified for the UEFA Futsal Cup. There you dropped out devoid of points in the preliminary round group.


On 11 and 12 April, the third DFB Futsal Cup was held in the Karl Rauh - Gymnasium in Heidenheim.

As in previous years, qualified eight winners of the national associations for the final. Last year's winner FV Eppelborn difference here already. It qualified the VfV Hildesheim in Lower Saxony, the Suchsdorfer FV from Schleswig -Holstein, the UFC Münster, Westphalia, FC Montenegro Wuppertal from the Lower Rhine, FC Portus Pforzheim of Baden, the TSC Stuttgart, Württemberg, SD Croatia Berlin from Berlin and the Spvgg Ingelheim from the southwest to the group stage.

The group games were played on 11 April and on 12 April in the morning. Here, Münster, Pforzheim, Stuttgart and Hildesheim qualified for the semifinals.

The final table after three rounds:

In the semifinals of the UFC Münster met the VfV Hildesheim and FC Pforzheim to Stuttgart TSC. Both games were decided in six-meter shooting. Münster sat down 7-6, Stuttgart 6-4 against their opponents by.

Also, the third-place match could be decided only after six-meter shooting. Hildesheim picked up with a 5:4 n.6 - m- shooting the bronze medal.

In the final, the UFC then sit with 6:3 against the TSC and got after the premiere event in 2006 his second title. Münster organized then the first round Group F of the UEFA Cup. There you resigned as the second group.

With 8 goals was top scorer of the tournament Kevin Reinhardt from TSC Stuttgart. He was also voted the best player of the tournament. Tomasz Luzar from UFC Münster was voted the best goalkeeper of the tournament. His team won the Fair Play Award


The fourth edition of the DFB Futsal Cup from March 20 to 21 in Mülheim an der Ruhr was, like, played with eight teams since 2006. For the tournament, the VfV 06 Hildesheim qualified from the National Association of Lower Saxony, Futsal Hamburg from the National Association of Hamburg, the Futsal Team New Hagen from the National Association of Brandenburg, the last year's champion UFC Münster from the National Association of Westphalia, the Futsal Panthers Köln from the National Association Middle Rhine, Eintracht Frankfurt from the Hesse Land Association. the TSC Stuttgart from the National Association Württemberg and SpVgg Ingelheim from the National Association southwest.

In two groups of four, these teams played on 20 and 21 March from the semi-finalists. With three victories Futsal Panthers Köln secured in group A the semi-finals before Hildesheim. In group B, Eintracht Frankfurt and the UFC Münster moved level on points with seven points the semi-finals.

Completion of the preliminary round tables

On the evening of March 21 defeating Eintracht Frankfurt 3-0 in Hildesheim and the Futsal Panthers Köln 3:1 threw the defending champions Munster out of the race.

In the small final to Eintracht Frankfurt secured a 4-3 then the third place. In the final, there was a six- meter shooting between Futsal Panthers Cologne and Hildesheim. By 14:13, the Cologne secured just their first Futsal title. In the subsequent UEFA Cup in the preliminary round group for Cologne the tournament was over.


In the fifth edition of the DFB Futsal Cup qualifying mode has been changed. In contrast to previous years, this time were not qualified masters of state associations. The five regional associations of the DFB contributed from championships, over a total of eight teams qualified for the Germany -wide finals. In addition to the masters and the runners-up were from the west-south - and north German Association each qualified for the Germany -wide finals. Likewise, the game mode was changed. Instead of a group round a quarter final was played under that eight teams. The final round was then discharged as a Final Four.

About the Regional Championships, the UFC Münster qualified (West German champion), the Futsal Panthers Cologne (West German Vice Champion), the MSV Hamburg (North German champion), the VfV 06 Hildesheim (North German Vice Champion), the TSV Emmelshausen ( West German champion), the SD Croatia Berlin ( East German champion), the FC Portus Pforzheim ( South German Champion ) and FC Bayern Kickers Nuremberg ( South German Vice Champion) for the quarter-finals.

The Viertelfinalparungen were:

Between these four teams the Final Four tournament was held on 26 and 27 March in the Lausitz Arena in Cottbus instead.

The semi-finals were:

The small final Pforzheim decided for themselves:

The DFB Futsal Cup won in the finals Croatia Berlin.

At European level, Berlin difference in the preliminary round Group D tied from behind the Ararat Nicosia FC.

Just before the finals played the DFB all-star team their first international match. This was lost with 0-4 against the selection of Poland.


The sixth edition of the DFB Futsal Cup took place as in the previous year according to the same mode. For the quarter-finals, the master of the regional associations, as well as the runner- qualified from northern, western and southern Germany for the quarter-finals. The four winners of the quarter-finals played in the Final Four in the ring arena at the Nürburgring the winner of the DFB Futsal Cup from.

The participants of the quarterfinals were determined in the following tournaments: In Hamburg qualified in the North German Futsal Championships the MSV Hamburg and the BSC Brunsbuttel, in Berlin at the East German Futsal Championships last year's champion Croatia Berlin, Kaiserslautern at the Futsal Regional Championship West of FSV Bretz home, in the West German Futsal Liga Futsal Panthers Cologne and wooden posts sword, and at the Final Four of the South German Championship VfR Ittersbach and Bayern Kickers Nuremberg.

The quarter-final pairings among these teams were held on March 19 with the following results:

Thus, the VfR Ittersbach, Bayern Kickers Nuremberg, wooden posts sword, and last year's winner Berlin Croatia qualified for the Final Four at the Nürburgring.

On 8 and 9 April, the Final Four tournament was played in the ring arena Nürburgring. In the semi final against Bayern Kickers won Ittersbach 4:2 and 9:6 sword against Croatia Berlin. In the small final Ittersbach defeated sword 6-4 and reached the third place. In the final of the DFB Futsal Cup 2011 Croatia Berlin sat against Nuremberg 3-0 and defended their title last year and qualified for the UEFA Futsal Cup 2011 /12. There they eliminated in the preliminary round Group A with a win and two defeats.

As in the previous year an international match of the DFB all-star team was held before the final. In their second match they lost to the selection of Croatia 1:11.


The seventh DFB Futsal Cup will be held in Lübeck on 20 and 21 April 2012.

As in the two previous years are available in the five regional associations, North, Northeast, West, South West and South qualifying tournaments. In total, 700 teams participated in the elimination rounds. Nearly 100 more than last year. As the first regional association, the Association West wore in Mülheim- Kärlich on 12 February from his championship. There, the SG Unzenberg / coffin Roth prevailed. On 18 February, the North German Championship took place in Hamburg at the Hamburg Masters Panthers and runner- SC team Yasar Hamburg qualify for the DFB Futsal Cup, on 25 February bestrittet the Northeast Regional Association in Magdeburg his championship. Here qualified Master CD Croatia Berlin. In the West, until 25 February, a futsal league was performed. There, the UFC Münster as a master and the Futsal Panthers Köln qualified as runners-up for the Germany -wide quarter-finals. As the last Association of South German on March 3, wore out his Final Four in Frankfurt am Main. In a single round-robin tournament to Hilalspor Stuttgart qualified in 1989 as a South German Champion and the SV Dersim Rüsselsheim as runner-up for the quarter-finals of the DFB Futsal Cup.

The winners of these games reached the Final Four in Lübeck.

Final Four in Hansehalle Lübeck:

The DFB all-star team entered between the Finals against the selection from Denmark and achieved a 4:4 (1:2).



DFB Futsal Cup C- Junior

Since 2007 also takes place a DFB Futsal Cup for C- juniors. Venue has always been Bergkamen. Winners were previously Karlsruher SC (2007), the 1st FC Nuremberg ( 2008), the SV Darmstadt 98 (2009), FC Energie Cottbus (2010) and the TSV Havelse in 2011.