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Scuderia Toro Rosso (Italian for Red Bull racing team in the style of " Red Bull " ) is an Italian Formula 1 team, which is owned by the Austrian entrepreneur Dietrich Mateschitz (Red Bull GmbH). Headquartered in Faenza team went in 2005 out of the former Minardi team after it had been bought by Red Bull. Toro Rosso attends the Formula 1 World Championship since the 2006 season.

Former Formula 1 driver Gerhard Berger took over in early 2006 in exchange for shares in his shipping company half of the team, but these end of November 2008 sold again with Toro Rosso Red Bull at Red Bull next to the main team Red Bull Racing a second team in Formula 1 in use, can be used in which predominantly own young drivers.

Toro Rosso used in the first years of membership of Red Bull intensively its technical know -how. Between the two racing teams, there were synergies; so the cars of Toro Rosso were derived directly from the respective Red Bull constructions of the previous year until 2009. In this way the costs for the operation of the achievements could be kept low. As of 2010, the rules forbade such synergy. Toro Rosso had to then design and build their own race car again. In view of this rule change Red Bull boss Dietrich Mateschitz considered initially, Toro Rosso to sell them again. In fact, however, the team remained in the Red Bull family.

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2006 drove for the Scuderia Toro Rosso, the Italian Vitantonio Liuzzi and American Scott Speed ​​. Team boss Franz Tost was the Austrians, who had previously worked for Williams - BMW.

Engine supplier Cosworth for 2006 was, therefore, the partnership with the British engine manufacturer was acquired by Minardi. Although the regulations from 2006 saw basically a restriction on eight-cylinder engines with 2.4 liters of displacement (see Formula 1 rules). By way of derogation, however, Toro Rosso could continue to use the previous, 3.0-liter ten-cylinder engines. This special was still enforced by the last Minardi owner Paul Stoddart in view of the small budget of the Italian racing team. To gain Toro Rosso has no advantage over the other teams, the engines had to have a speed limit of 16,700 trips. In addition, an air restrictor had to be used.

Especially Midland F1 Racing and Super Aguri F1 defended themselves against the use of the ten-cylinder engines. They argued that the team would be consistent with the takeover by Red Bull financial health and to ensure that the cost- exclusion rule would not have to complete. However Toro Rosso insisted on the exemption.

However, despite the use of the ten-cylinder engines, the team was able to finish in the points only once. Vitantonio Liuzzi took eighth place and therefore a spot in the Grand Prix of the United States. Toro Rosso was more competitive than the previous team Minardi, but you could only two teams in the standings behind hold ( MidlandF1 and Super Aguri ). As the season came to the main team Red Bull Racing was fast approaching and in some cases even faster, but that was more due to the weak performance of the " big brother" than on one's own performance.


For the 2007 season there were for all teams unit Bridgestone tires. This decision was a contribution to increase equal opportunities. In addition, the ten-cylinder engines from Cosworth were replaced by Ferrari V8 engines. The Red Bull Racing team used these engines in 2006, but wanted to use the world champions Renault engines for 2007. We transferred the Ferrari engines to second team with the argument that Ferrari engines would fit better to the Italian Toro Rosso team as to the main team Red Bull Racing. The two drivers Vitantonio Liuzzi and Scott remained Speed ​​.

After the Grand Prix of Europe, in which the Americans as his team-mate Liuzzi slid off the track in the rain, there was a dispute with team boss Franz Tost. According Speed ​​Tost had rammed his fist in the back and pushed against a wall. After this incident, Toro Rosso announced on 31 July 2007 announced that Scott Speed ​​is from the Hungarian Grand Prix by the test driver for BMW Sauber, Sebastian Vettel, replaced. At the Chinese Grand Prix, the team achieved the best result to date, the team's history after with Sebastian Vettel came in fourth and sixth Liuzzi as both drivers in the points and important 8 points were collected for the Constructors' Championship.


In August 2007 it was announced that in the 2008 season, Vitantonio Liuzzi by the French and four-time Champ Car champion Sébastien Bourdais will be replaced as a regular driver. This drove in his first Formula 1 race in the same points. Lying in fourth place, although he left with three laps because of engine damage from, however, benefited from the many failures of the other driver as well as the disqualification of Rubens Barrichello, was considered ultimately seventh and received two points. Sebastian Vettel opened his points account in the rain race in Monaco with a fifth place. On the Hockenheimring he drove a further counter space with an 8 as well as in Canada, where he even in spite of a start from the pit lane landed the last point. On 13 September 2008, the Scuderia Toro Rosso reached their first pole position in qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix with Sebastian Vettel. In the further course Sebastian Vettel won the race as the youngest driver in the history of Formula 1, and thus brought his team 's first win ever. In the remaining four races Vettel drove three more times in the points. In order for the Scuderia Toro Rosso finally finished in sixth place in the Constructors' Championship, ahead of the sister team Red Bull Racing.


In the 2009 season, the team with the drivers Sébastien Bourdais and Sébastien Buemi went to. The season was contested with the Toro Rosso STR4, which was a derivative of the Red Bull RB5 used last year. At the opening race in Australia succeeded in both drivers, retract world championship points. The Grand Prix of Hungary Bourdais was replaced by Jaime Alguersuari. The achievements of the previous year could not be repeated because of the particularly poor performance of the team mid-season. We finally finished with eight championship points the tenth and last place in the Constructors' World Championship.


For the 2010 season the regulations since 2006 forbade the first time the use of foreign chassis; Toro Rosso could no longer rely on Red Bull designs and therefore first had to construct your own race cars in its existence. For this significant restructuring was required. The team in Faenza, which had led no longer own design department since 2005, had to build an appropriate infrastructure. In addition, the staff was increased from 165 to 257 employees, finally acquired Toro Rosso the old wind tunnel at the Red Bull team in the British Bicester. Under the direction of Giorgio Ascanelli and Ben Butler was developed in the course of 2009, the Toro Rosso STR5, which had no more contact points to Red Bull.

To give stability to the team in time of upheaval, Toro Rosso confirmed for the 2010 season, the driver pairing of last year. In January 2010, the team also named the replacement and test pilot for the new season. Brendon Hartley, who had exercised this job partly in the previous year, and Daniel Ricciardo, the reigning champion of the British Formula 3 Championship, alternated from race to race as a substitute driver. In addition, both took this position even when a sister team Red Bull Racing. For prevention of both driver David Coulthard was to take over the position of the test and reserve driver.

Toro Rosso in 2010 drove a total of 13 world championship points and finished second in the Constructors' Championship to ninth. The best result was eighth place Buemi at the Grand Prix of Canada.


In 2011, Buemi and Alguersuari were the regular drivers of the Italian racing team. Ricciardo remained a test and reserve driver and also denied some Friday inserts for the team. From the Grand Prix of Great Britain was Ricciardo regular driver for the competing team HRT.

Toro Rosso STR6 the sat 2011. The car was again a self-construction, which was developed under the guidance of technical director Giorgio Ascanelli. She was equipped as in previous years, an eight-cylinder engine from Ferrari.

Toro Rosso in 2011 drove a total of 41 world championship points and finished the season in eighth place in the constructors' standings. Thus, it was more successful than the traditional British team Williams, who only came in ninth place with five World Championship points; the residue on the lying seventh Swiss Sauber team, which also began a Ferrari engine, was only three points.

The best results of the Scuderia Toro Rosso were two seventh places that import Alguersuari at the Grand Prix of Italy and Korea.


In the 2012 season, Toro Rosso occurs with Daniel Ricciardo and Jean-Eric Vergne with a new driver pairing. Buemi remained as test driver for Toro Rosso and took over this position also at Red Bull

Emergency vehicle is developed under the direction of Giorgio Ascanelli Toro Rosso STR7, which in turn is powered by a Ferrari engine. Sponsors are next to Red Bull, the Spanish oil companies Cepsa, Falcon Private Bank and NOVA Chemicals.

The sporting achievements Toro Rosso remained in the first half of the season in 2012 fell short of expectations the team management. After eleven out of 20 races, the team had been run only six world championship points and was in the intermediate standings 9 It was therefore the worst of the established teams; Force India, which has held eighth place, after the Hungarian Grand Prix had a lead of 40 points. In the rest of the season to Toro Rosso's performance and Ricciardo and Vergne improved drove several times in the points. At the end of the season Toro Rosso totaled 26 points on the ninth.

The technical director Giorgio Ascanelli was suspended in July 2012. His successor, since September the former Sauber designer James Key.


In the 2013 Formula 1 season Toro Rosso went again with Jean-Eric Vergne and Daniel Ricciardo at the start. Race car is developed by James Key Toro Rosso STR8, which began as his predecessors engines from Ferrari. In six of the first seven races of the year Toro Rosso was in the points. The highest individual score was Vergnes sixth place at the Grand Prix of Canada. Here Vergne reached the seventh place, even the best qualifying result since two years. After the last race Toro Rosso finished with 33 points ranked eighth in the constructors' standings. The team was able to position itself so that before the traditional racing team Williams.

At the end of the season 2013, the seven year association Toro Rosso ended with Ferrari. Also Ricciardo left the team at the end: He changed for the 2014 Formula 1 season, Red Bull Racing, where it replaces Mark Webber.


In the 2014 season Toro Rosso uses as well as Red Bull six-cylinder engines of the type Renault F1 Energy 2014. Observers evaluate the change of engine supplier as a way to increase the synergy between Toro and Red Bull. So it is expected that Toro Rosso will help the mother team in the further development of the propulsion system. Emergency vehicle is the Toro Rosso STR9, which in turn was designed by James Key. Jean-Eric Vergne are driver who has remained in the team, as well as the Russian Formula 1 debutant Daniil Kvyat.

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