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Romain Grosjean ( born April 17, 1986 in Geneva ) is a racing driver Franco- Swiss origin. In 2009 he participated in seven Formula 1 races. Since the 2012 season, he performs as a regular driver for the Lotus to F1 team. From 2008 to 2011 he drove in the GP2 Series, in which he won the 2011 championship title. He is also a two-time champion of the GP2 Asia Series (2008 and 2011 ) and one-time champion of the Formula 3 Euro Series (2007 ) and the Auto GP (2010).

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Beginnings in motorsport (2000-2007)

Grosjean began his motorsport career in karting in 2000, where he was active until 2002. Among other things, he won the 2001 French ICA Kart Championship. In 2003 he moved to Formula racing, winning in his debut year, the Swiss Formula Renault 1600 and Formula Lista junior. 2004 moved Grosjean to SG Formula and entered in the French Formula Renault, in which he finished in seventh place overall with a win, and in the Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup, where he was 15th at. 2005 Grosjean stayed with SG Formula in both racing series. While he scored the twelfth place in the overall standings in the Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup, he secured with 10 wins from 16 races dominate the champion of the French Formula Renault. The Renault Formula 1 team then took him into its program.

In 2006 he received a cockpit in the Formula 3 Euro Series at the French team Signature-Plus. With a third place at Oschersleben he once stood on the podium. At the end of the season he was behind his team-mate Guillaume Moreau and Charlie Kimball, the places ten and eleven occupied 13 He also participated as a guest part in two races in the British Formula 3 Championship and came in two races as the finish line first. 2007 moved Grosjean for team ASM Formule 3, which had already secured in previous years with Jamie Green, Lewis Hamilton and Paul di Resta each title. With six wins and eleven points ahead of his closest rival Sébastien Buemi Grosjean won the first Frenchman to the championship title in this series.

GP2 Series (2008-2009)

End of 2007, Renault Grosjean confirmed as official test driver for the 2008 Formula 1 season. Moreover, he was of ART Grand Prix for its Formula 3 team ASM he had a year earlier won the Formula 3 Euro Series, the GP2 committed series 2008 season. First, he started for ART Grand Prix in the first season of the GP2 Asia Series. As a team-mate Stephen Jelley, he won four races and finished with 24 points ahead of his former Formula 3 rivals Buemi overall winner.

In the main series GP2 Grosjean stood on the podium six times and won the sprint race in Istanbul and the feature race at Spa- Francorchamps. Since his teammate Luca Filippi, which already had GP2 experience, failed to keep up with him, Grosjean was ultimately responsible for the detachment Filippis by Sakon Yamamoto, who was no more able to compete with Grosjean. Grosjean got 62 points and finished with just two points behind the runner-up Bruno Senna fourth in the overall standings.

In 2009, Grosjean went first in the GP2 series at the start, but moved as team-mate Vitaly Petrov of Barwa Addax to. After Grosjean was a good start to the season and led the championship, he fell after a few races in which he had no points, behind Nico Hulkenberg back and finished after six race weekends in second place in the championship. At the end of the season he finished, even though it was the last four race weekends no longer there, again fourth overall.

Formula 1 (2009)

In July 2009, it was speculated Grosjean climb into Formula 1 after there had been rumors of a separation of the Renault team by her driver Nelson Piquet jr. Piquet was actually released in late July and on 18 August Grosjean, who served previously as Renault test driver, committed as a new driver. He made his debut on 23 August at the Grand Prix of Europe in Valencia as a team-mate of the two -time world champion Fernando Alonso. Grosjean competed in the last seven races of the season, but never got there in the top 10. With a 13th place at the Grand Prix of Brazil as the best result he had no points, while Alonso during this period collected 13 World Cup points and in third place once stood on the podium. For the Formula 1 2010 season Grosjean was replaced by his former GP2 team-mate Petrov and received no cockpit in Formula 1

Auto GP, FIA GT1 World Championship, the GP2 Series (2010-2011)

2010 moved Grosjean into the newly formed FIA GT1 World Championship. In 2010 he went with a Ford GT1 at the start. For the Swiss team Matech Competition, he entered this championship under the Swiss flag on the first five events. Together with Thomas Mutschmann he won two races. At the end of the season, he finished in eleventh place in the drivers' standings. He also made ​​his debut at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

In the formula Sport Grosjean initially returned on the Auto GP. Grosjean joined in for the French DAMS team, winning his first race in this championship. Although he had not attended the first two race weekends of the 2010 season, he won a total of four wins already one race left in the season the championship. When GP2 race weekend at Hockenheim Grosjean his comeback was surprising in this series. The DAMS team decided to employ the most experienced pilots in a race weekend to determine why the duo Jérôme D' Ambrosio and Ho -Pin Tung showed so little. Without having attended test drives, Grosjean showed impressively that the poor performance of the DAMS team did not lie to the race and presented in both races with overtaking and fast lap times the potential of the team. At three other race weekends he came, this time as a replacement for the injured Tung, again for DAMS in GP2 for use and scored two third places. At the end of the season, he finished 14th overall. In addition, Grosjean completed for the tire manufacturer Pirelli test drives with the new Formula 1 tires.

2011 remained Grosjean at DAMS in GP2 series. He first competed in the GP2 Asia Series 2011 season. He he scored both runs, the pole position and chose a race at Imola for themselves. At the end of the season, which included four races, Grosjean won for the second time the champion of the GP2 Asia Series with 24 to 18 points ahead of his compatriot Jules Bianchi. In the GP2 Series 2011 season Grosjean started with a victory in Istanbul. After a bad qualifying for the third race weekend in Monte Carlo, he had to go to the main race from last place. Grosjean showed an impressive performance and improved by overtaking and pit strategy to fourth place. In Valencia, Silverstone, Nürburgring and Mogyoród followed by other victories. Three races left in the season, he secured at Spa- Francorchamps, the champion of the GP2 Series. Grosjean was ten times on the podium. In addition, he was once again test driver for Renault Formula 1 team.

Formula 1 (since 2012)

2012 returned Grosjean as regular driver in Formula 1 back. He received a contract with the Lotus F1 Team, for its predecessor team, the Renault factory team, he made his debut in 2009. He was at Lotus teammate of former world champion Kimi Raikkonen, replacing Vitaly Petrov, his former GP2 team-mate. At the season opener in Australia Grosjean qualified the car on the third place. His race was already finished after a collision after a round. Also in the second race, he dropped out after a few rounds. In the third race, the Grand Prix of China Grosjean scored with a sixth place his first Formula 1 points. A race later in Bahrain followed with a third place his first podium placement in Formula 1 In Canada, he managed to surpass this result with a second place. A race later, at the European Grand Prix, Grosjean was over long distances in second place, but he left in the second half of the race with technical problems from. At the Hungarian Grand Prix with a third place he achieved another podium placement. In the race he was initially ahead of his teammate Raikkonen, who, however, overtook him after his last pit stop. A race later, the Grand Prix of Belgium Grosjean caused a collision at the start. Although Hamilton was next to him, he moved to this side and collided with him. Following more cars were made. It left four riders from the collision. No driver retired to serious injuries. Due to this collision at the start the race stewards Grosjean detained for a race and imposed a fine of 50,000 euros. It was Grosjean seventh incident in the twelfth race. At the Japanese Grand Prix Grosjean was involved in his eighth start collision this season, for which he was punished with a 10-second stop-and -go penalty. Then it came to increased criticism in the Formula 1 environment. At the end of the season, he finished eighth overall.

2013 denied Grosjean his second Formula 1 season alongside Räikkönen for Lotus. After driving in the first three races in the points, he scored the third place at the Bahrain Grand Prix. In Germany, Korea, Japan and India, he repeated this result. When the U.S. Grand Prix Grosjean finished second for the first time in the season. He finished the season in seventh place overall. With 132 to 183 points he lost internally again Raikkonen, who had been injured the last two races replaced by Heikki Kovalainen.

2014 received Grosjean with Pastor Maldonado a new team-mate at Lotus. After the third race, he finished 15th overall.


Grosjean is the son of a Swiss father and the French artist Marie -Hélène Brandt. While he starts in Formula racing under the French flag and with French royalty, he entered in the FIA ​​GT1 World Championship at the Swiss flag.

Grosjean paternal grandfather is the Swiss ski racer Fernand Grosjean, who in 1950 was runner-up in the giant slalom. One of his great-grandfathers mother was French Gürtler Edgar Brandt.

He married in June 2012 his longtime girlfriend Marion Jolles. Jolles is a French Formula 1 journalist.

Grosjean worked early in his career parallel to his commitment to motorsport with a bank in Geneva.


Grosjean can serve mentally by a psychologist who has also worked among others for the French Olympic team since September 2012.

With the introduction of permanent Formula 1 race numbers 2014, Grosjean decided for the # 8 He used this race number already in the 2013 season.


Career Stats

  • 2000-2002: Karting
  • 2003: Swiss Formula Renault 1.6 ( Master )
  • 2003: Formula Lista Junior ( champion)
  • 2003: Formula Renault Monza
  • 2004: French Formula Renault ( 7th place)
  • 2004: Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup ( 15th place)
  • 2005: French Formula Renault (Master)
  • 2005: Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup ( 12th place)
  • 2006: Formula 3 Euro Series (No. 13)
  • 2007: Formula 3 Euro Series (Master)
  • 2008: GP2 Asia Series (Master)
  • 2008: GP2 Series (4th place )
  • 2008: Formula 1 ( test driver )
  • 2009: GP2 Series (4th place )
  • 2009: Formula 1 ( No. 23 )
  • 2010: Auto GP (Master)
  • 2010: FIA GT1 World Championship ( 11th place )
  • 2010: GP2 Series (No. 14)
  • 2011: GP2 Asia Series (Master)
  • 2011: GP2 Series (Master)
  • 2011: Formula 1 ( test driver )
  • 2012: Formula 1 (8th place )
  • 2013: Formula 1 ( 7th place)
  • 2014: Formula 1

Statistics in Formula 1

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