2011 GP2 Series season

The GP2 Series 2011 season was the seventh season of the GP2 series. It started on May 7, 2011 at the Istanbul Park Circuit and ended on 11 September 2011 at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza. The champion of the driver Romain Grosjean won prematurely. The Barwa Addax team decided the team title.

In addition, will take place on 12 and 13 November 2011, a GP2 event, the GP2 Final in 2011, held that not part of the championship.

  • 2.1 Changes to the drivers
  • 2.2 Amendments to the teams
  • 2.3 Changes during the season
  • 4.1 Points system
  • 4.2 Drivers' Championship
  • 4.3 Evaluation team

Rule Changes

Technical changes

For the 2011 season the old Dallara chassis GP2/08 was that had been used from 2008 to 2010 in the GP2 series, replaced by the new Dallara chassis GP2/11. Also, the previous tire supplier Bridgestone has been replaced by Pirelli. For the first time, the identical tire compounds were used as in Formula 1 in the GP2 series.

Teams and Drivers

All teams used the Dallara chassis GP2/11, engines from Renault Mecachrome and Pirelli tires.

Changes in drivers

The following list contains all the drivers who took part in the GP2 Series 2010 season and did not start in the 2011 season for the same team as in 2010.

Drivers who have changed their team:

Drivers who enter or return to the GP2 series:

Drivers who have left the GP2 series:

Changes the teams

DPR will no longer go into the 2011 season at the start. For this will be at the start with team Carlin and AirAsia, two new teams. ART Grand Prix is supported in this season of Lotus Cars and appears under the name " Lotus ART " on. Since the team is owned by the AirAsia Team Principal of Lotus Racing, there is the curious situation that Lotus Cars and Lotus Racing will compete against each other.

Changes during the season

  • Davide Rigon retired at the season opener in Istanbul multiple fractures of the left tibia and fibula to. At four race weekends, he was represented by Kevin Ceccon. Ceccon was characterized by an age of 17 years and 243 days for the youngest ever GP2 pilot. Then took Luca Filippi its cockpit. Filippi drove previously for Super Nova Racing, where he was replaced by Adam Carroll.
  • Christian Vietoris was represented by an accident in Istanbul for the race weekends in Barcelona and Monte Carlo by Álvaro Parente. Vietoris suffered from severe headaches, necessitating a break. Despite the headaches, he participated in a DTM race between the GP2 race weekends of Istanbul and Barcelona.
  • Mikhail Aleshin, who had budget problems before the season, was after two race weekends replaced by Oliver Turvey. Turvey was again after a race weekend by Álvaro Parente, who had previously run for Racing Engineering, detached. For the seventh race weekend Aleshin took over for two race weekends again the place at Carlin. For the season finale Parente got the cockpit one more time.
  • The Team AirAsia called around for the third race weekend at Caterham Team AirAsia.
  • Kevin Mirocha was replaced after the seventh race weekend by Brendon Hartley at Ocean Racing Technology.
  • Stefano Coletti was injured so badly that he was replaced for the season finale by Stéphane Richelmi in an accident at Spa-Francorchamps. Coletti retired to two vertebral fractures.

Race Calendar

The race calendar of the GP2 Series 2011 season was released on December 21, 2010. A total of nine race weekends will be held, which will take place in the context of the Formula 1. In contrast to 2010, the weekend does not belong as part of the Formula 1 season finale in Abu Dhabi Championship.


Points system

In the main race (HAU ) were the first eight of the race, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 point (s). During the sprint race (SPR ), the first six of the race were 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 point (s). In addition, the winner of qualifying, who started from pole position in the feature race, two points received. The driver, who scored the fastest lap of the first ten classified riders, also received a point.

Drivers' championship

  • Fat - Pole Position
  • Italics - Fastest lap

Team standings