FIA Formula Two Championship

The FIA Formula 2 Championship (English FIA Formula 2 championship ) was a 2009-2012 discharged racing series for formula vehicles.

It was based on an idea by the FIA president Max Mosley and should inherit the legacy of up to 1984 conducted Formula 2 Championship and serve as a cost-effective springboard into Formula 1. Was organized the series of the company MotorSport Vision of Jonathan Palmer, who was awarded the contract for the implementation in September 2008.


The chassis has been developed by Williams and carried the designation Williams JPH1. It filled the crash standards of Formula 1 in 2005. Nevertheless, it came in the race at Brands Hatch in 2009 in a fatal accident when Henry Surtees was hit by a wheel on the head.

The engine came from Audi and based on the aggregate of the Formula Palmer Audi. The engine, however, was maxed out much stronger and contained less series parts. From its 1.8 liters of displacement around 295 kW were generated with turbo charging. The drivers stood ten times in the race a boost button available, which swelled to 330 kW power for a maximum of 6 seconds.

The tires were supplied by unit supplier Avon.

All vehicles were centrally employed by Palmer, and not by individual racing teams.


MotorSport Vision closed end of 2008 a five- year contract for the implementation of the FIA Formula 2 Championship from 2009 to 2013. The main focus of the FIA ​​was on for young drivers to offer affordable Motorsport - per driver per season were originally planned 200,000 euros by the FIA. However, Palmer could not quite reach this sum and then offered the vehicles for 245,000 euros for all eight races, accidents were also calculated. This amount not only the vehicle but also the mechanics were included that were swapped from race to race among the participants in order to achieve equal treatment here. In addition, the driver allowed to use 80 percent of the advertising space on the car for their personal sponsors.

The master was allowed to attend a Formula 1 test day with the Williams team. The first three of the championship were the FIA Super Licence, which is a necessary condition for participation in a Formula 1 race weekend. This opportunity, however, was not used by any of the drivers.

In consultation with the FIA ​​was declared on December 6, 2012 that the series is 2013 no longer held. The reasons in addition to the regulations with unit cars and teams missing the fact was mentioned that it does not have a Formula 2 driver managed to end 2012 in the Formula 1.

Master of the FIA Formula 2 Championship