2010 FIA Formula Two Championship season

The formula -2- 2010 season was the second season of the FIA Formula 2 Championship. It began on April 18, 2010 in Silverstone and ended on 19 September in Valencia. Dean Stoneman won the championship.

  • 2.1 Changes to the drivers
  • 3.1 Season Report

Rule Changes

Technical changes

The performance of the Formula 2 engines has been increased from 298 kW to 317 kW. In addition, the performance was short by 41 kW, 4 kW more than the previous year, to be increased. Thus, the motors have a maximum power of 358 kW.

Sporting changes

Each race lasted 40 minutes.

Starter box

Originally it was planned that at every race 24 riders should go to the start, but the maximum number of starters was never reached. The biggest starting field was found ago with 22 riders in the season opener. All drivers used Williams - JPH1B chassis and engines from Audi. All race cars and drivers were cared for by MotorSport Vision.

Changes in drivers

The following list contains all the drivers who participated in the 2009 Formula 2 season and 2010 is no longer in Formula 2 at the start went well as pilots that went into the new Formula 2.

Driver that went into the formula 2:

Drivers who had left the formula 2:

Race Calendar

The formula 2 held in 2010 nine runs. For the first time found a race weekend held outside Europe.

Season report

Before the season promises to revolutionize the field of riders was held. 20 pilots who had started in Formula 2 in 2009, occurred in 2010 at no Formula 2 race at more. The champion of the 2009 season, Andy Souček, first moved as a test driver in Formula 1 for Virgin Racing. He left his team, however, in the course of the season. Carlos Iaconelli and Edoardo Piscopo ( Auto GP ) and Mikhail Aleshin ( World Series by Renault) and Robert Wickens ( GP3 Series) occupied top positions in their new racing series. Seven pilots remained in Formula 2, including with Philipp Eng and Casimir Vasiliauskas two winners from the previous year. In the course of the season gave 18 pilots made ​​their debut in Formula 2 with Benjamin Bailly ( Formul'Academy Euro Series) and Will Bratt ( Euro Series 3000) alternated two masters in the formula 2 Total came in the season 25 drivers used.

The riders of the 2010 season has been compiled from different ages and nations. With Natalia Kowalska again approached a woman in the formula 2. Youngest pilot was Ramón Piñeiro, who made his debut at the age of 18 years at the season finale. The oldest racer of the season was Ajith Kumar. The 39- year-old Indian has become famous in his homeland as an actor. With Parthiva Sureshwaren (30) and Ricardo Teixeira ( 28) came to pilots who possessed some many years of motorsport experience. Plamen Kralev denied despite his age of 37 years, his first full season in Formula racing.

The season was of two pilots - Jolyon Palmer determined, the Son of the series organizer Jonathan Palmer and Dean Stoneman. The two pilots decided together 11 of the 18 races for themselves and made ​​the title by a wide margin among themselves. Palmer, who had driven in contrast to its competitors already a season in Formula 2, took the lead in the drivers' championship in the first race and kept that long stretches of the season. Stoneman, who never lost contact with Palmer, however, managed to take the lead at the end of the season and won the best newcomer to the championship title. As a reward for his title win Stoneman will participate in Formula 1 test drive with the Williams team. In addition to the first two pilots and the third in the championship, Sergei Afanasyev received, the super license from the FIA, the right to participate in a Formula 1 race weekend. 14 racers were able to finish a race on the podium and six racers managed a race to decide for themselves. Besides Stoneman and Palmer Benjamin Bailly and Nicola de Marco won her first race in Formula 2

Drivers' championship

, The first ten of the race were 25, 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 and 1 point (s).